1. Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION AND BASIC CONCEPTS Thermodynamics 1- 1C Classical thermodynamics is based on experimental. Home · Documents; Termodinamica – 5ta Edicin -Yunus a. Cengel & Michael a. Boles. LIBROS UNIVERISTARIOS Y Approach Seventh Edition Yunus A. Cengel, Michael A. Boles McGraw-Hill, Analysis The mass of the air in the room is ROOM 3 3 AIR m = ρV = ( kg/m)(6 × 6 × 8.

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Analysis This problem deals with temperature changes, which are identical in Kelvin and Celsius scales. The reduction in the CO2 production this household is responsible for is to be determined. Substituting this into the work expression gives [ ] Btu0.

Assumptions The density of air is constant throughout the room. Even marble structures deteriorate due to acid rain.

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Now the problem reduces to converting a temperature in F to a temperature in C, using the proper convection relation: For a specified unit fuel cost, the money saved by switching to low resistance tires is to be determined.

The annual energy and cost savings as a result of tuning up the boiler are to be determined. Analysis The required power is determined from kW The pressure difference between the top and the bottom of the container is to be determined. The mechanical efficiency of the pump yubus to be determined. This will result in raising the bottle a little higher to overcome pressure drop. The system with the lowest energy cost is to be determined.

It is purely by radiation. The acceleration of the rock is to be determined. Smog is made up mostly of ground-level ozone O3but it also contains numerous other chemicals, including carbon monoxide COparticulate matter such as soot and dust, volatile organic compounds VOC such as benzene, butane, and other hydrocarbons. The tank’s pressure in various units are to be determined. Properties The densities of air and mercury are given to be 1. The part of the energy of the elevator stored in the suitcase is to be determined.


Assumptions 1 The room is well sealed, and heat loss from the room is negligible.

Analysis The areas upon which pressures act are 2 22 1 1 in The work needed to move along this ramp is to be determined considering a the man and b the cart and its contents as the system. Presuming that the tires are hotter than the road, the heat transfer is from the tires to the road.

Discussion Note that the weight loss at cruising altitudes is negligible. The surface temperature of the plate is to be determined when it stabilizes.

Assumptions 1 Steady operating conditions exist since the ball surface and the surrounding air and surfaces remain at constant temperatures. It decreases with increasing pressure and becomes zero at the critical pressure. Therefore, its effect on the pressure difference between the two pipes is negligible.

Solucionario Termodinamica, Yunus Cengel 6ta edicion

The rate of increase of the energy content of the room when all of these electric devices are on is to be determined. The boiling temperature of water is to be determined. Properties The density data are given in tabular form as 0 5 10 15 20 25 0 0.

The final results are to be plotted against the initial temperature. The change in ericion boiling temperature corresponding to a change of 0. ceengel

Termodinámica – Yunus A. Cengel, Michael A. Boles – 7ma Edición

Same thing happens in water. The amount of energy and money that will be saved as well as the simple payback period are to be determined. Analysis a The final pressure is equal to the initial pressure, which is determined from kPa This problem shows why mercury is a suitable fluid for blood pressure measurement devices.


The temperature and total enthalpy are to be determined at the initial and final states. Analysis The entire electrical energy consumed by the motor, including the shaft power delivered to the fan, libfo eventually dissipated as heat. The total volume and the total internal energy are to be determined. The equivalent wind-chill temperatures in F as a function of yujus velocity in the range of 4 mph to mph for the ambient temperatures of 20, 40, and 60F are to be plotted, and the results are to be discussed.

A relation is to be obtained for pressure as a function of elevation z.

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Analysis It is clear from the problem statement and the figure that the brine pressure is much higher than the air pressure, and when the air pressure drops by 0. Let the glass thickness vary from 0. Analysis The state of water is compressed liquid. Thus the power needed is kW But, other properties like wind speed and chemical composition i. The initial state is determined to be a mixture, and thus the pressure is the saturation pressure at the given temperature 12 -A TablekPaC The pressure difference between the top and bottom of the pool is a Analysis The atmospheric pressure is determined directly from kPa Assumptions Air drag, friction, and rolling resistance are negligible.

Note that the motor delivers 0. The extra power needed is to be determined for three different cases.