CU Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending LG offers you a limited warranty that the enclosed subscriber unit and its. popular lg gr manual pages lg vu plus is the mobile phone that will link you to the instructions lg owners manualslg cu owners manual – wordpress – lg. CU Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on That the Customer Service Department at LG was not notified by consumer of the alleged Drag and Drop Music Using VU As A Mass Storage Device.

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LG Vu Manual / User Guide

Take Picture Take Picture Using the camera module built lgg your phone, you can take pictures of people or events while on the move. Safety Information Please read and observe the following information for safe and proper use of your phone and to prevent damage.

Fu Of Contents Line Identification Services Caller ID Service allowing subscribers to view or block the telephone numbers of callers. Settings Menu Settings Menu Call Call Forwarding When this network service is activated, you can direct your incoming calls to another number, for example, to your voice mailbox number.


With the battery in position in the phone, connect the lead from the travel 2.

Consult your local dealer for availability. Delete the photo you manjal just taken and confirm by tapping Yes. Fecha Y Hora This offers the ability to send a message to an unknown contact.

The Quick Keys Llamadas De Conferencia Page 84 By tapping this icon [ ], you can set the options below.

If you want to manial a text message, you can get the address of the SMS center by using this menu. Sent This is where you can view the lists and contents of sent messages and also verify if transmission was successful.


What about children using wireless phones? Comando De Voz You should also consult the manufacturer of gl equipment that has been added to your vehicle. From within the Windows Media Player application, click on the Library tab.

The following [Options] are available in the Task list. You do not need to press hard on the touch keys to make them work.


Don’t have an account? Abc Mode new letters are added, the word changes to reflect the most likely candidate from the dictionary.

To change to mode in a text entry field, tap [Options]-[Text Entry Mode]-[]. Display the bookmark title and URL.

You can select a graphic image by tapping. Cautions For Battery In addition, LG will not re-install or back-up any data, applications or software that you have added to your phone.

Aircraft FCC regulations prohibit using your phone while in the air. You can change the text input mode by tapping [Options]-[Text Entry Mode].

LG Vu Manual / User Guide

Select your desired alarm setting to configure from the alarm list. Page 59 ultimedia Menu To enter Multimedia menu, tap the key. What This Warranty Covers Indicaciones De Seguridad Send Dtmf Tones Using the Program Guide The Program Guide includes all scheduled programming currently available with their respective channel names, ci920 titles, descriptions, ratings and show times.