Bibliography of the Writings of Karl Jaspers to Spring compiled by Kurt Rossman – – In Karl Jaspers & Paul Arthur Schilpp (eds.), The Philosophy of . Karl Jaspers (–) began his academic career working as a . his Psychologie der Weltanschauungen (Psychology of World Views). Karl Theodor Jaspers was a German-Swiss psychiatrist and philosopher who had a strong In , at the age of 38, Jaspers turned from psychology to philosophy, expanding on themes he had developed in his psychiatric works.

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Realism, in this case, is more like katl Socrates teaches — i. Despite this, the wogldviews recedes and encircles me wherever I turn. However, in addition to its concern with Hegelian themes, Philosophy also contains a fundamental reconstruction of Kantian themes, it has its foundation in a critical reconstruction of Kant’s doctrine of transcendental ideas, and it is built around an endeavour to explain the elements of Kantian idealism as a systematic doctrine of subjective-metaphysical experience.

Karl Jaspers

Thus, he supported a form of governance that guaranteed individual freedom and limited governmentand shared Weber’s belief that democracy needed to be guided by an intellectual elite.

The problem of existence is taken subjectively.

In he published his Allgemeine Psychopathologie General Psychopathology which already made apparent the viewpoints and methods that belong to the world of the humanities and social studies that were regarded by him as converging into psychopathology. And even as Kant “had to do away with knowledge to make room for faith,” Jaspers eorldviews Nietzsche in large measure because he thinks that Nietzsche did away with knowledge, thus making room for Jaspers’ “philosophic faith” Tagore believed in science and rational argument, had nondenominational kinds of katl views, said that politicians should simply speak the truth and let the people sort it out, was an internationalist, a love-poet, and held the view that India could only solve peychology economic problems by modernizing and especially by making a modern education available to everyone.

Like Arendt, in fact, he concluded that social atomization creates cultures in which totalitarianism is likely to flourish, and that only unregulated debate in the public sphere can offset this latent pathology of mass society.

The Origin and Goal of History. In the same year, he obtained his second doctorate Habilitation in psychology from the Philosophy Faculty at the University of Heidelberg, supervised by Wilhelm Windelband. Thus an insight into a chemical process is not itself a chemical process.


Since his early childhood, Jaspers suffered from chronic bronchiectasis that impaired his physical capabilities and awareness of his physical disabilities shaped his routine throughout his adult life and formed his sensitivity to psychological issues, including human suffering. Like the Young Hegelians, he insisted that faith needs philosophy, and faith devalues its contents wherever these are dogmatically or positively proclaimed.

The Politics of Humanism 7. Klostermann, Frankfurt am Main 6. Klostermann, Frankfurt am Main 2. Thus kalr in the small space occupied by these two thinkers — two points in thoughtspace — philosophy breaks up into versions, thinkers take up opposite positions, and a thinker unfolds several versions of himself.

As a young man, he authored a number of scientific articles on homesickness and crime, on intelligence tests, on hallucinations — all illustrated with detailed case histories.

Now, the subtitle that appeared in the earlier versions worldivews removed and in jaspdrs preface Jaspers indicates its high aim of satisfying the demand for knowledge, not only for physicians but for all who make mankind their theme. But Heidegger thinks that all this talk of worldviews is plainly muddled.

Moreover, although psycnology claimed not to have been influenced by any specifically ecclesiastical faith, his thought was also formed by the spirit of North German Protestantism, and his philosophical outlook can in many respects be placed in the religiously inflected tradition of Kant and Kierkegaard. Only in knowledge can it be prevented.

Neo-Kantianism early [1] Existentialism late Existential phenomenology [2] late. More significantly, though, Jaspers also entered into a lengthy and influential controversy with Rudolf Bultmann, the resonances of which still impact on liberal theological debate. Karl Jaspers – – Philadelphia: But once you are worrying, once jasperw are struggling, once you are parachuted into this war zone in feeling, you begin to fight — you fight with yourself and also explicitly confront and deconstruct the mood in which you find yourself.

Phenomenology and Transcendental Philosophy of Value.

The Psychology of Worldviews: Jaspers/Heidegger – Presencing EPIS

Heidegger resented being described as an existentialist, and Jaspers, at least afterresented being identified with Heidegger. Jaspers thus attributed to transcendental ideas a substantial and worldgiews content.

In Jaspers moved to the University of Basel in Switzerland. Worry is a kind of oppression by the inexistent future on the experiential present — an invasion of the present by the future — also a kind of hyperattention, perseveration or inability to get free from the past.


Glenn Gray, in D.

Karl Jaspers: Philosopher of Otherness

Schilpp, Paul Arthur ed. The planned project consists of three major divisions, altogether comprising 50 volumes: Jaspers is merely speculating that people frame their experience with different attitudes and loyalties, and this is why Jaspers looks for eorldviews way to paychology a principle of non-interference — that way, we can all do our own work of reflection and make our own choices.

Jaspers once heard indirectly that there was a plan to deport him and his japsers to a concentration camp in the middle of April Die SchuldfrageHeidelberg: Since it is non-objective, psuchology not an object, but is nonetheless real — it is the reality for us — it is something that demands thinking about. For all his importance in modern German politics, therefore, his philosophy of politics was always slightly anachronistic, and his position remained embedded in the personalistic ideals of statehood which characterized the old-liberal political culture of Imperial Germany and persisted in the conservative-liberal fringes of the Weimar Republic.

The Political Theory of Global Citizenship. Jaspers concludes that the preeminent value upheld in philosophy is honesty.

The attitude of consciousness which apprehends its limits and its possible transcendence can therefore only be an attitude of foundering or failing Scheiternand transcendence can intrude in human consciousness only as an experience of the absolute insufficiency worpdviews this consciousness for interpreting its originary or metaphysical character.

He argued that clinicians should not consider a belief delusional based on the content of the belief, but only based on the way in which a patient holds such a belief. This has become known as the biographical method and now forms a mainstay of psychiatric and above all psychotherapeutic practice.

Many of his long-time friends stood by him, however, and he was able to continue his studies and research without being totally isolated.

Karl Jaspers – Wikipedia

Freiburg Coursestranslated by Ted Sadler. For these reasons, his philosophy is sympathetic towards the primary implications of revelation theology, and it cautiously upholds the essential philosophical claim of revelation: The first has to do with the general approach itself. Philosophy is something we do alone in some pinnacle of experience in face of the Ultimate.