TP05GMP CLONEABLE GENERAL MOTORS JMA TRANSPONDER KEY BLANK (B97PT5 CLONEABLE). Our Price: $ BUY 5 AND SAVE 7%!. The incorporation of electronic devices known as transponders (Link to what a transponder is) into keys is widespread in almost all vehicles. JMA has a. JMA has a Department of Electronics focused specifically on transponder technology that positions our company as a leader in this field. Our authority in this.

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Furthermore, the technology in this device means the copy process is very quick and reliable. Jjma time there is an attempt to start the car, the computer will expect the new code. Programmable Transponders and Cloneable Transponders. Within these systems the most commonly used are: No manual adjustments are needed to switch between the 2 systems and any changes are automatic, rapid and precise. For decades, JMA has worked hand in hand with original automotive tranaponder cylinder lock manufacturers from around the globe supplying them with high quality key blanks for their products.

Today such systems cannot be copied and can not be activated in the vehicle. Every time there is an attempt to start the car, jmx computer will expect the new code. Every shipping ,we will package with bubble to wrap valuables, then put into cartons. Wherever you are, or no matter your interest, we can do what you order.

The vehicle’s antenna 2generates an electromagnetic field 3 every time the key is turned to the ON position.

Our JMA Line of keys includes an ever growing number of residential, commercial and automotive key blanks. High end machine with top of the line features for cutting dimple keys, 2 and 4 track high security automotive keys and tubular keys.

Jma Transponder Key, Jma Transponder Key Suppliers and Manufacturers at

Every time there is an attempt to start the vehicle, the Transponder embedded in the head of the key will reply with the same code. The front of the key has been left with no markings and the back of the key only has the reference number stamped on it. Cutting force indicator, with optimum visual and sound indicator.


Additionally, our keys look and feel exactly like the original. We use the highest quality transpondet and nickel silver along with precise OEM specifications to manufacture one of the highest quality key blank lines available. It is compact, but preserves a robust design with clean lines and ergonomic use. This website uses our own cookies and those of third parties so you have a better experience as a user. PC software, allows for database creation and easy automatic updates.

How do Transponders work?

jma transponder key

In automotive applications, transponders have been embedded in the head of the key. Various guards cover all of the machine’s moving parts to provide security to the user during use.

JMA offers the largest number of programmable transponder keys in the market. JMA continues its transponder technology development, presenting the new solution TPX2 for key copying with the encrypted code Texas transponder registered trademark. Operates at these frequencies: Periodically, the computer in the car will write e new code on the Transponder embbeded in the key.

The TRS will read the information written on the original key and then write that information tfansponder the Cloneable Transponder creating an exact duplicate or clone of the original key.

Copy 4 original remotes into one Transpondef remote. Its multi-functional nature means it can copy flat, security and vehicle keys without needing to adjust the machine. General Video Descargas Image zoom Keyless without chip. General Descargas Image zoom A state-of-the-art sublimation process is used to transfer modern, attractive images onto keys, creative touch for our most innovating customers.

Thanks to its graphic display and intuitive menus, its incorporation of space and depth cards and its flexible management of the key’s data make it easy to use, with all information accessible in stand-alone mode, such as rough keys, lock manufacturers, etc Internationalization has been basic for JMA’s success.


There are two levers for safe use of the machine, one for lateral and depth movement and another for the vertical movement to the key. Jma Key Cloner Transponder Chip. Standard clamp for Xcode M2. Stainless steel handles, length mm. These are similar to previous systems, but for opening doors no functions are required as within the range close to the vehicle, they automatically open and the engine is started by switching on a button.

Items will be packed with bubble wrap to make sure the products arrival in good condition.

In these systems, the vehicle detects the presence of the Transponder within close range and automatically unlocks the vehicle and allows for push button entry without the use of a mechanical key. New designs are released periodically. By using these chips in conjunction with our legendary TRS unit, you can offer your customer a battery less key with an OEM key head format.

By using a Transponder instead of an electronic battery operated circuit board we are able to produce a key that maintains transpponder dimensions and visual appearence of the original key. Chips General Transponder types Transponder equivalences.

JMA Products

General Image trsnsponder We expanded our range of compatible controls for overhead doors and Access gates with our new M Series of remote controls.

This line of key blanks is designed for the professional locksmith who demands the highest degree of quality in the key blanks they work with.

Single patented clamp to enable dimple keys, inclined dimples, tubular and Fichet keys to be cut without the need for another clamp. This website uses our own cookies and those of third parties so you have a better experience as a user.