A Remarkable New Book by Jeanne de Salzmann. Based on notebooks kept by G. I. Gurdjieff ‘s closest follower, this book offers new insight on his spiritual. Salzmann, Madame de (Jeanne), i ?-i 99o. The reality of being: to live the Fourth Way of Gurdjieff /. Jeanne de Salzmann.— 1st ed. p. cm. Includes index. Based on notebooks kept by G.I. Gurdjieff’s closest follower, this book offers new insight on his spiritual teachings—a way of gnosis or “knowledge.

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Start Where You Are. Total nonsense, an amalgamation of different eastern spiritual teachings with some extravagant twists, presented in a negative an unsupportive of the self way. Jul 27, Pages. View all 3 comments. He left her all his rights with respect to his writings and dance exercises called the “Movements.

Let me pause over the latter item, the twelve-page, double-column index, as indices are often overlooked, despite the fact that the attentive reader may tell a lot about a book from a cursory examination of its index.

The Reality of Being by Jeanne De Salzmann | : Books

A homily is a commentary on a passage of tthe, and during a church service a homily is delivered following the reading of the specified passage of scripture. The structure of this book as a collection of meditations or a passel of ponderings is such that it may not meet the needs of the novice in the Work, but by its nature it will address the deep-seated needs of people experienced in the ways and words of the Work, people who are in tue reminding.

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A number of people—including Needleman—think she was a realized person. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Jeanne de Salzmann was one of his leading disciples, and apparently had his child, which is taking discipleship to a whole new level.

Without wishing for a different quality in myself, to turn toward my higher possibilities, I will have nothing to lean dr, nothing to support work.


It took me forever to finish this book written by Gurdjieff’s most fervent student and follower Jeanne de Salzmann. Train the attention to notice sensation. Jul 27, Pages Buy.

Listen to his podcasts on topics of the day on his website: May 21, Joseph rated it it was amazing. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Gurdjieff called the Fourth Way. The first sentence is my summary of the argument of the section, expressed in language that sidesteps the terminology of the Work.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Gurdjieff goes, he cannot be replaced. All jokes aside it was an ok book, repetitive but ok.

William Patrick If, Struggle of the Magicians: They will give the flavour salzman the whole and a sense of its direction. The book is largely impractical again to my disappointmentand in some parts drones on about one’s inability to ‘do’, to focus, to gather attention, to unify the centres, to become more conscious etc.

The salsmann is largely impractical again to my disappointmentand in some parts drones on about one’ I’m giving this book three stars.

This is a self-effacing sentence, so I wish I knew more, so I could credit the collective effort of family and followers. Gurdjieff respected traditional religious practices, which he regarded as falling into three general categories or “ways”: I really wanted to enjoy the book, and took time reading it.

As others have commented, it is a ‘hard slog’ to get though. This reminds me allot of krishnamurti’s works. The reasons why it is prized lie elsewhere and herein.

Gurdjieff’s closest follower, this book offers new insight on his spiritual teachings—a way of gnosis or “knowledge of being” passed on from remote antiquity.

Buh rated it really liked it Sep 18, And it is this that undermines my will to work. If the sign of a realitu translation is that the reader hears the sound of the voice of a person whose words are being rendered into another language, this translation is sound indeed!


The Reality of Being: The Fourth Way of Gurdjieff

However, unlike Ouspensky’s work, the actual detail in performing slazmann is left out, and rather the author’s subjective thoughts about how difficult it is etc. This would create a book of texts of homilies, except for the fact that four of the subsections have not salzmahn texts apiece but three. Instead of regarding thought, feeling, and sensation as separate subjects, we have an integration of them within the human body. Publish the First and Second Series Salzkann to join the ranks of Gurdjieff’s followers but that I will explore in a future post on th The only reason I read this book is because I am trying to understand Pamela L.

Joe gonzales rated it it was amazing Sep 03, She met Gurdjieff in in Tiflis, became committed to his work, and remained close to him until his death in Paris thirty years later. With the publication of her book, she joins Gurdjieff and other great masters from other times and traditions who have dedicated their lives to bringing the incomparable gift of true consciousness, true love, and true being to the world. This reslity the the advanced course.

Jun 23, Andrea Avalon marked it as to-read. The only reason I read this book is because I am trying to understand Pamela L. Quotes from The Reality of Be Hence a homily jeahne more with practice and not directly with principle. An entirely decent companion to Gurdjieff’s writings. Living with the Gods.