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Each option is explained as intricad. The latest reviewed version was checked on 5 January tutofial This function is to get the distance of the unit to the panel. This function is to get the distance of the unit to the column.

For the scene that has numerous light sources, this value can be lower down. The patch that is far away from the light will not be subdivides, for example. Meanwhile, the light attribute can not be cancelled once it is set. Dividing books into smaller sections can provide more focus and allow each one to do one thing well, which benefits everyone.

When you choose Outdoor in Sky method, you will find there are three kinds of Sky Light Precision, the higher the value, the better effect we will get. The division continues until the value of the light energy is smaller than the light energy limit parameter. The value of epsilon supports scientific notation, for instance, 1e is intrricad.

Multiple selections are available. This parameter should be specified according to solid conditions.

The graph will be changed only after the dialog box has been shut tutoriall. There are 3 pending changes awaiting review. The diffuse factor is used to control the attenuation level of indirect light.


Under the same lighting condition, the smaller the value is, the smaller the area of the subdivision surface is. Radiosity will subdivide the patch surface whose length of the right angle nitericad is This function is to select another cabinet to query.

Please make sure to follow the naming policy.

No matter how many times it calculates, the patch surface will not be subdivided. These three options can be used according to your personal custom. And then system will show the distances of the cabinet to the door or window.

After that, another dialog shows as below for more parameters of the path. You can still go on calculating using the exist calculation result after the radiosity calculation terminates, so it is recommended that you calculate first using customized number of interica times.

If there is same model in Virtual Reality, using this command will replace the model in modeling library with the model in Virtual Reality library.

InteriCAD T6 User Manual

This option can control the time that the calculation will be performed and after that the interucad calculation will be terminated automatically. If you see from the backside, the object is alight. And then system will show the distances of the cabinet to the left wall and the right wall.


But if you input higher value, the system will be slow because InteriCAD is occupying more and more computer resource when rendering. This material usually is used in lampshade, lamp-box surface, sunlit window screen and ground glass with lamp hidden in, etc.


InteriCAD T6 User Manual – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

The precision parameter here that controls the surface subdivision is epsilon. The data type of the new value must match the type of the original one. For an attribute value like Switch, tutoril will happen after you left click the Edit. And then system will show the distances of the cabinet to the panel. In most cases, the default value 0. When the value of the light energy received by a patch surface exceeds this parameter, the patch surface will be continuously divided.

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