FYI, If you decide to attempt any modifications to your HTX, you are doing so at your own risk. HTX Owners Manual HTX/Albrecht AE Service. Update*** I’m still doing this repair for those who may need it. Here are the specifics. I charge a flat fee of $35 which includes the new mic cord, the. Cat. No. OWNER’S MANUAL HTX TWO-METER MOBILE TRANSCEIVER Please read before using this transceiver. INTRODUCTION Your .

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Setting the Scan Options. Then insert the plug and turn the metal ring clockwise to secure the plug. Release PTT to listen for a reply. For the calling-frequency memory, press and hold F for one second. To page an individual, you transmit their entire DTMF page sequence.


To return to low power, press LOW again. The cable should end in a PL connector. Press the push-to-talk button.

Be sure LOCK is not on the display. Clearing a Memory Channel You can clear any memory channel except Memory Channel 1 and the calling-frequency memory. Your HTX is programmed mqnual the default kHz frequency offset and direction for the 2-meter band. Have that problem fixed as soon as possible. Page 29 Subaudible Tone Frequencies Hz SE —do not resume scanning. Page 8 Start studying for the license exams.


Setting the Scanning Range. Better than —65dB Deviation Storing Scan Skip Frequencies.

Enter the last five digits of the frequency. This may not have been the best way to accomplish this task, but it worked for me. Memory Channels Your HTX has 41 memory channels maual standard memory channels and one calling-frequency memory channel.

Index of /k/kb1uif/downloads/Service & User Manuals/Radio Shack/HTX-252

True FM Modulation—provides a clear, natural-sounding signal. Turning Auto Duplex On and Off. Using the holder as a tem- plate, mark the position for the mounting screw holes at the desired location. The HTX scans between the lower and upper scan limits.

Setting Volume and Squelch. Overriding the Duplex Offset When you tune to a frequency, the HTX automatically selects either simplex operation, or duplex operation with the correct offset direction if the auto duplex option is on. Your HTX includes all 38 standard subaudible tones.

The HTX displays rC and the currently set receive tone. Operation direct to another station where you transmit and receive on the same frequency is called simplex operation. Turn off the HTX Luckily all of the conductors get soldered right next to each other.

Majual factory default is 2 seconds. An SWR of 1. Tuning to a Frequency. Keep the transceiver dry. For example, if you tune to Follow these steps to change the scan resume delay. Majual does it cover a jtx-252 subjected to misuse or accidental damage.

Subaudible Tone Frequencies Hz The HTX can even scan a selected range and automatically store active frequencies in unused memory locations. Hold down F for at least 1 second. Clearing a Memory Channel. You can set your HTX to transmit any of the 38 standard subaudible tones. You might need to connect the red wire directly to the battery if you experience ignition noise. I have a couple of cables in stock now and am ordering a few more just in case.


Press The offset frequency and appear. This procedure clears all the information you have programmed into the transceiver. Connect the antenna to your HTX using ohm coaxial cable. You have been a real Blessing, my friend…. For the calling-frequency memory, press CALL to save all settings. Receive Frequency Below If you have a super hot iron, then just hold it there for a second while you give the wire a tug or use a solder sucker like one of these.

The HTX is preset to ti, meaning it resumes scanning in 10 seconds, even if the signal continues. Setting the Frequency Step. If auto-reply is off, you can release PTT after you enter the first digit.

Use an 8-ohm communications or PA speaker that can handle 5 or more watts of power such as Radio Shack Cat.