The question How German Is It underlies the conduct and actions of the characters in Walter Abish’s novel, an icy panorama of contemporary. The question HOW GERMAN IS IT underlies the conduct and actions of the characters in Walter Abish’s new novel, an icy panorama of contemporary Germany. The question implicit in the title of Walter Abish’s novel1 immediat alerts us to problems moment in German history, Abish plays with the familiar images such .

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I would not rank it among my all-time favorite novels, but I think it is a great read, us for anyone of German heritage. Jan 23, Ashley rated it liked it.


People out for a stroll, affably greeting their neighbours. Dec 09, Jessica rated it liked it. As Abish writes of the naming of the town: Although this book geman simple German phrases peppered in here and there, it wakter written in English.

An ominous cloud hangs over much of the narrative, generating an expectation of something terrible about to occur, and there is enough mild intrigue to keep the plot afloat and the pages turning, but the clouds frequently part to reveal domestic scenes indicative of the free-wheeling, libertine s lifestyle, as enjoyed by two wealthy, good-looking German brothers with plenty of spare time to burn.

Bring your Blue Books.

The question HOW GERMAN IS IT underlies the conduct and actions of the characters in Walter Abish’s new novel, an icy panorama of contemporary Germany, in which the tradition of order and obedience, the patrimony of the saber and the castle on the Rhine, give way to the present, indiscriminate fascination with all things American.


Os 10, Emi Bevacqua rated it really liked it Shelves: Jul 28, Nathan rated it liked it. Very, as it turns out. Abish gets this across deftly, and with very few brushstrokes. Erika, he called from the window. The simplicity of the writing is deceptive.

Abish, Walter. “How German Is It” () | Blogging The Classics

This is probably his most famous novel, set in Germany in the 70s where the Nazi past sits uneasily and the left-wing terrorist germn has grabbed center stage.

Part of the book With a title like this and a last name like minehow could I not read this book?

His brother, Helmuth, a successful architect who designed the police station in Brumholdstein only to see it blown up by the terrorist group operating in the areabegins to suffer from similar concerns.

Helmuth is a prosperous architect and Ulric It took me much longer than expected to finish this book. Apr 30, Ron rated it it was amazing. us

What I found was a calmly sinister, subtly I am absolutely in love with this book and probably wouldn’t have picked it up if I wasn’t hi-jacking a friend’s reading list for my own selfish gains thanks Eric.

They have discarded the elitist von from their aristocratic last name, much to the ks of the residents of Brumholdstein—the chic, uber-modern community in which they live. Their only reaction is to turn their back on it.

History did never happen. In adopting the name of Brumhold we have also, in all seriousness, embraced his lifelong claim to the questions: And, until later in the book, we don’t get confirmation of this, but when we do it’s welcome and pleasing as a reading experience.

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The weight of the past, the haunting and shame and guilt. Avish brief flurry of publishing through the s was followed with relative silence through to the present day. Franz sitting in their small garden, reading his Sunday paper, his back to the noisy neighbours next door, his back to the familiar scene of the neighbours playing cards, his back deliberately turned to their Sunday. Aug 18, Maia rated it really liked it. Abish, books, germany, greatest, […]. How German is howw — meaning: Now, I’m not saying don’t read it.

I need to apply for a drivers’ license because there is no recirpocity between Germany and my home US state, des How German is ‘it’ — meaning: And it’s somehow very funny.

Wish I’d read this years ago. The central character’s father was executed in the s for plotting against Hitler.

How German Is It (Wie Deutsch ist es)

One of the best things I’ve read. Rather than coming back to a book you’ve read and loved once before and rediscovering why you loved it before and why you love it now, you completely forget about it and have the same experience the next time ’round. And here he’s written a book of modern Germany with not a single American character in it, although the Germans’ models are all American–their lives are sleek wealthy wracked by sexual unease, and interchangeable.

The iss question seems to be, how can we move forward without accepting our past?