Endura network example. In today’s post environment there is a strong need for security solutions to help counter ever-growing dynamic security threats. Overview. Endura is a complete solution for high definition video encoding, recording, and display. While most manufacturers supply incomplete solutions for . Learn more about Pelco’s Video Management Solutions products, including VideoXpert, Endura, and Digital Sentry.

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All the benefits without the complexity: In the absence of an external NTP server, the system manager can act as the time source for Endura cameras and servers; however, the system will be subject to time drift inherent with COTS servers. Create new account Request new password. The WS offers an optional interface to Endura Mapping. For unprecedented ease of use, the Pe,co 2.

Management One of Endura’s main advantages is minimal configuration of encura installed Endura components. Administrators with the proper credentials can remotely view the status of the hardware and configure the SM through a web browser. The interface has been optimized for the demanding needs of surveillance professionals and utilizes drag-and-drop operations, shortcut menus, built-in tooltips, and online Help to enable the most direct, intuitive interactions with cameras and components distributed across the network.

Specifically it allows for:. These workspaces allow the operator to rapidly switch from camera group to camera group.

VMS | Video Management Solutions | Pelco

This is possible because Endura takes full advantage enduda leading edge technology standards such as Universal Plug and Play UPnPallowing for fast, error-proof installation and set up. Users with appropriate credentials can also search for recorded video on Pelco NSM units by camera, time, date, and recording triggers manual, continuous, motion, or alarm.

The SM system manager adds browser-based video transcoding support to Endura, allowing users to access video directly through a web browser, which may be especially helpful to users on low-bandwidth networks.


There is virtually no end to how Endura’s components can interact and share video, audio, and control information. I originally searched for:. Optera optimizes the images from each of the four sensors and then seamlessly stitches and blends them at the Video management systems by nature are complex — a complexity that often overwhelms the user experience, resulting in a steep learning curve and misplaced focus.

All NSMs must reside in the same subnet for automated failover to function. The following page might help you to make your choice. With the advent of Endura 2. Green, red, off behind bezel.

Tech Notes Endura 1. Flexibility No longer limited by traditional, centralized approaches, Endura offers an unconstrained platform for designing and implementing video security systems. Customers can simultaneously c Additionally, Pelco has developed interfaces in Endura 2. Green, amber, red Drive Status 6X: Endura Getting Started If you’re new to Endura, you should start here. These zones can then be located anywhere on one of two monitors supported by the workstation, and provide virtual camera views without incurring additional network or processing load for supporting multiple cameras.

In addition, multiple maps can be hyperlinked together to provide for easy navigation between map views.

Pelco Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems

Search results can be viewed in pekco 1 x 1 interface pelvo standard play, pause, fast-forward, and rewind functions, as well as a scrub bar to quickly pinpoint enddura segment of video required for an investigation. If you believe you have received this error incorrectly, please let us know. Related Products IP Cameras. In addition, the competition offers limited product lines and functionality, such as only focusing on IP cameras or storage.

Endura clients work in conjunction with user configurations stored in this distributed system management to expose functions and language preferences configured for each role and user account.


Using the WS’s tear-off tabs, user can view more cameras simultaneously and leverage multiple monitors to display more content.

Guaranteed recording throughput at Mbps. This also results in less network traffic.

When registering Pelco cameras and encoders, it acts as a secure key server. For example, all recording units are able to operate independently from the main system, in the event of a system-wide failure. Its online, real-time transcoder can convert up to 16 high resolution, high bit rate Endkra streams from megapixel cameras into MJPEG frames, enabling users to stream video from compatible browsers without installing additional software.

The web interface is designed for light to moderate Endura users.

It includes information on how to use the System Manager Wrapper as well. To ensure continuous uptime, the system manager is equipped with two solid state drives SSD containing the operating system in a RAID emdura configuration. Installing the Pelco Media Plugin allows users to stream full-quality H. It offers ease of installation and management that is critical for delivering a cost-effective solution to small-scale installations. See any errors on this page?

Endura – IP Video Management System

Provides an introduction to Endura. Please check your local sales tax laws. Backwards Compatibility Any Endura 2. Endura Getting Started Endura 2. The SM adds the ability to setup and prioritize up to 24 SM units in a failover configuration, enabling administrators to protect their Endura networks from catastrophic peloc.

This is an overview of the GENA specification along with extra information regarding Pelco’s implementation.