“De Rougemont introduces the “Tristan Myth” in the first book of Love in the Western World, a work that focuses upon the intellectual and. The author defines this as “”a kind of outline history of the cult of passion”” — and he carries this out on several planes, metaphysical, mystical, legendary, with its.

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A long, if meandering read, but worth your time if you are interested in the development of the myth of romance in the West.


Jun 10, Steven Wedgeworth rated it it was amazing. Our language of passion comes down to us from the rhetoric of the troubadours. Years later, King Mark determines to marry Iseult and selects Tristan to quest after her on his behalf.

The only destination that can liberate them from their terrible passion. Packed with some killer one-liners. I never broke up with Virginia again. The bird transforms into westwrn handsome knight named Muldumarec. Published August 21st by Princeton University Press first published A Study in Philosophical Theology.

Apr 12, June rated it liked it. In any case Iseult interprets it correctly.

The reason this is so confusing for all of us is that a high dopamine experience like cocaine or dehis build-up to orgasm DOES feel like a transcendental experience.

The Pursuit of Love.

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Love in the Western World – Denis De Rougemont – Google Books

Firstly, his theory is not based on a biological axiom. In a world where love has been perverted into self-love and desire for obstacles, there are no limits for such industries, created in order to avoid real love.

The rougemony of Tristan and Iseult is used as the point of departure, as containing the components of passion; he then goes denls to trace the religious origins of the myth, its role in mysticism, its influence on literature. De Rougemont clearly laments the current myth of love as a lie that needs correction.

She nearly kills Tristan, but spares him when she learns King Mark desires to make her queen. De Rougemont claims in the end of Love in the Western World that Eros is saved by Agape, meaning that the selfishness in erotic life can be atoned by agape.

“Love in the Western World” by Denis de Rougemont | Rosamond Press

Want to understand the birthplace of romantic love? Mar 22, Wwestern Harrel marked it as to-read. Bringing together historical, religious, philosophical, and cultural dimensions, the author traces the evolution of Western romantic love from its literary beginnings as an awe-inspiring secret to its commercialization in the cinema. A very impressive and scholarly work. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

However, in all my attempts to be in relationship with Virginia, I had to win her heart once more, gain her trust, all over again — on a daily basis! Cristina Nehring – – Harper.


Love in the Western World

While De Rougemont regards passion-literature to be the source to the phenomenon, Girard regards literature more as a mirroring of these phenomena. Naturalistic Sensuality Girard starts off from a broad perspective of deviated transcendency. He buries his mother alongside his father, and Yonec becomes the new lord of Caerwent. Thus, this naturalistic approach is manifested as a belief in desire without a mediator, for example illustrated in Madame Bovary, in the figure of Rodolphe when seducing Emma Bovary.

About Royal Rosamond Press I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian. Girard introduces the mediator without the help of De Rougemont, and he elaborates that which De Rougemont only mentions as the eternal triangle, in a more scientific and structural way. What is it to love and to be loved?

Desire for obstacles is for De Rougemont a subject-object relationship.

In this respect Girard regards literature in a much more positive manner as it is not the source to contamination, but the revelation of the contamination. The lord of Caerwent, a rich old man, marries a beautiful young woman.