Death Calls has ratings and 9 reviews. Ketika agen FBI Diana Reyes jatuh cinta pada Ryder Latimer dua tahun lalu, ia tahu ada hal-hal yang harus ia k. Death Calls is the fourth book in The Calling series published by Silhouette Nocturne. It re-visits the story of Ryder and Diana that was first covered in Darkness. Yay, another Nocturne author joins us. Caridad Pineiro was born in Havana, Cuba and settled in the New York Metropolitan area. Her vampire.

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He was deliciously big, much like the rest of him. Worse, yet, she liked his transformation.

Caridad Pineiro: Death Calls – Book Review

It had been a good long while since any man had really satisfied her in bed, one of the downsides of having lived so long. He wrapped his arms around her and dragged her tight to him. Inside her, heat built.

As she strolled through the square, it occurred to her New York would be good this time of year. Imagine, wanting to be human again, she thought. Untuk kebahagiaan yang ia dapatkan dari kekasih vampirnya, Diana menganggap itu pertukaran yang adil.

His blood surged, singing through his veins as his pulse quickened while he worked for his cqlls release. Stacia led him farther back into the narrow alley, although not so far that he would think anything was amiss.


The Calling 1 – 10 of 12 books.

In a heartbeat, she finally loosed her restraints on the beast. Painfully, he stood there, poised on the dearh of…anticipation both sexual and intellectual. Pineiro has a gift for giving her characters potent feelings and genuine reactions, which brings each engaging individual vividly to life.

Placing a hand over her belly, she rose and sashayed toward her first pick, but as she neared the Frenchman, she realized he was beyond loaded. With a marvelous cast of secondary characters, some of whom we have met before, added to the captivating plot, this story is powerful and thought-provoking.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. She attempts to live a normal life, and throws herself into her work.

Book Review – Death Calls by Caridad Piñeiro

Luscious grey eyes were framed by a sheath of shaggy, sun—bleached hair. Then, and only then, could she truly relish the immense vampire power that her age provided. This book was, to date, the most emotionally charged of the series.

CP My heroine is human, but totally empowered and as tortured as the hero due to her life experiences. This site uses cookies: Read the Magic Rises review. She plneiro her head back, allowed the beast to emerge slowly so that it could experience it all. For real passion and desire. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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He looked down and watched the play of his hips against hers as if fascinated by the sight. This story is fast paced and action packed and I thought that the well crafted vampire world of The Calling series has huge potential to make fascinating fantasy stories.


Seeing that his attention was on Stacia, his companion began a harangue loud enough to make heads turn. The heat that builds between them is irresistible, but surrendering to it could kill them both.

Death Calls by Caridad Pineiro – FictionDB

Giving Diana space and time to think things through seems to be his only option. CP Besides all the Nocturne authors? For want of something more than an eternal existence filled with only… A deagh American caught her eye as he laughed at the antics of his rowdy friends in front of one bar. In her dilemma over what to do, along with the sudden death of her friend, Diana break off with Ryder.

She would not find satisfaction here. Keep up with Caridad with her newsletter:. That the story dalls the deepest and sometimes most dangerous parts of human nature. Mick Carrera is a mercenary and expert pnieiro capturing elusive prey. The bite mark at his neck was already healing and come morning, he would remember nothing. With vampire book reviews, information and author interviews.