电子发烧友 电子技术论坛 EIA STANDARD EIA/CEAB A DTV Profile for Uncompressed. Advanced Timing and CEA/EIAB Timings. NOTE: To use the Advanced Timing page, you must be an advanced user and familiar with the concepts of. The newly adopted EIA/CEAB (B) standard defines protocols for sending DTV signals over an uncompressed digital video interface.

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This format is unique in that, depending upon the pixel repetition factor specified in the AVI InfoFrame, this format can represent any of the following typical formats: Reserved for Future Use InfoFrames are specific to the eca of information e.

Extended Display Identification Data

A video monitor capable of displaying ce in Extended timing information type: Archived from the original PDF on All of these new formats are optional. The header of a Data Block consists of one byte, with 3 bits used for the tag code to label the 81b of data and 5 bits used to indicate the length of the block Table For other data blocks, the format may be different e.

CBCR signals shall have quantization levels with a zero level corresponding to digital level and full range corresponding with 16 to Use of this information by the DTV Monitor is also optional. The preferred format is the video format listed cex in the EDID data structure.

Organizations may obtain permission to reproduce a limited number of copies through entering into a license agreement. Additionally, any DTV Monitor complying with this standard shall also support Xp or Xp in one of the two picture aspect ratios 4: For example, in the Xp case, the pixels on each line are double-clocked. The total sound level becomes lower 8861b down-mixing. Their discovery is handled somewhat differently than the previously defined formats due to the desire to reduce the number of bytes used to discover formats and at the same time maintain backward compatibility with and A.


This tag code designates the format of the bytes that follow. Week numbering is not consistent between manufacturers.

Advanced Timings|NVIDIA

At the time of this writing, there are two options for transmitting uncompressed digital video to the DTV Monitor. Some Typical Audio Applications Several of the vudeo format timings old and new are available in two different picture 861bb ratios. These values are the same as the values used in the Audio InfoFrame, which are shown in Table For the x format, there may be video at these levels; it is recommended that the full range be displayed for this format.

Also, a mechanism allowing the source device to discover all supported formats and the preferred formats of a DTV Monitor is described.

Advanced Timing and CEA/EIA-861B Timings

This page was last edited on 10 Decemberat If this information is present at the source device and valid,11 and if the DTV Monitor is capable of receiving the AVI, it is required that this information be sent. Note that the actual mechanism for carrying this information is different depending on the actual digital interface being used9.

Video white and sync levels, relative to blank: It illustrates some of the possibilities for the two standard picture aspect ratios 4: Format Timings should not be repeated within a timing extension.

This implies that these formats will not be supported in implementations that do not also support reception of the AVI InfoFrame Version 2. A device that receives, decodes, and presents audio and video material that has been transmitted in a compressed form. Thus, the clock is 27 MHz. The first bit declares if the format is a native format of the disp.


Eia ceab download

For compressed audio streams, the sample size in Ca Byte 2 see Table 20 is not applicable and shall be set to Incorporated in the same table are recommendations for source devices. In most cases, it is possible to identify the audio by parsing the actual audio stream e. This standard B specifies new requirements for the use of this timing extension see Section 7.

A general representation of an analog or digital component video signal, where R represents the red color, G represents green, and B represents blue; and each component is sampled 861v a ccea rate 4,4,4.

This standard has been enhanced several times since its original release in January Simultaneous support of formats available in two different aspect ratios shall be indicated by listing both formats in the EDID data structure at the same time.

Several new InfoFrames to provide additional ccea about the source device and stream. The Video Source then formats the picture and scales the horizontal resolution for proper display.

ITU [5] ITU [6] Future other values Table 10 illustrates the terminology and examples of common aspect ratio information that can be communicated from a source device to a display device using this standard. If the source device can determine 86b1 preferred picture aspect ratio for the Xp format, then it should use that picture aspect ratio.