Bollhoff Fastenings Private Limited – offering Bollhoff Helicoil Thread Inserts in Gurgaon, Haryana. Read about company and get contact details and address. Wholesaler of Bollhoff & Recoil Helicoil – Free Running Inserts, Inserting Tool, Extraction Tool and Helicoil Tap offered by Reliable Engineering Stores. The original classic HELICOIL® wire thread insert is a fully formed insert that is significantly larger in diameter in its free state than the hole that it is intended for.

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Helicoil Plus Thread Inserts

Even today, the screw is the most widely used fastening element for detachable joints. We Also Deal In. The heilcoil concept is impressive, boasting long service life for the blades and simple maintenance. However, inserts are available in a range of materials:. Open the catalog to page 5.

For a torque-controlled screw tightening application, the screw pre-load force can be adjusted more precisely and the yield point of the screw utilised more efficiently. The result is an internal thread that is true to gauge and accepts the insertion of a screw at both ends. Would you like to discover more of the World of Joining? Compared to tapped threads, the surface The prevailing torques can also be individually adjusted as required for the relevant application, e.


Less friction, more precision. Tools to remove HeliCoil Inserts are available for ranges M1.

The Blue Book Aerospace Buyer? In addition, there is a screw-locking area. These stainless steel thread inserts are formed into elastic spirals in proven quality from wire with rhombic profile.

Screw locking No self-loosening. Accuracy of the finished thread when the insert is installed is dependent upon the accuracy of the tapped hole. Recoil inserts are also manufactured in other material such as inconel, nimonic 90, phosphor bronze and stainless steel.

Helickil capacity and precision at the highest stage. The result is an internal thread that is true to gauge and accepts the insertion of a screw at both ends.

Corrosion and temperature-resistant True quality appears under extreme conditions. For over 60 years. These screw locking torques meet the requirements of technical delivery terms for international standards.

Learn more about the product types and find the right variant for your particular application.

Depending on the application, the thread inserts are made of different materials. Downsizing Perfect for lightweight construction. Would you like to discover more of the World of Joining? The innovative thread insert without a tang. Helicoil Tap Get Price. If you use impact wrenches, please contact us.

The screw is locked by one or several polygonal-shaped threads clamping the flanks of the screwed in The nut thread is wear-resistant even in cases of frequent use. For over 60 years.


HeliCoil Locking Insert positively secures threaded members against loosening caused by vibration and shock.

The screw lock is achieved by one or more polygonal threads clamping the flanks of the installed screw.

Bollhoff Helicoil Thread Inserts, Bollhoff Fastenings Private Limited | ID:

They are available in Free Running and Screwlock versions. Therefore, a higher, constant preload-force is achieved for repeated cycles at the same tightening torque. Optimised tightening methods and high-strength screws allow constant improvement.

Open the catalog to page 9. Product benefits High-strength Strong Corrosion and temperature-resistant Easy to identify even after insertion due to colour Different versions for every requirement Various technical surface finishes available Assembly systems, tools and products from a single source Available with imperial and metric dimensions and in special versions.

Bend tang up and down to snap off at notch. Therefore, tang break and removal are not required. When gaging tapped holes which have been thoroughly cleaned or which have a protective finish applied, the gage should always be lubricated with light oil.