ENGAGEMENT DE PRISE EN CHARGE souscrit conformément à l’article 3bis de la loi du 15 décembre sur l’accès au territoire, le séjour, l’établissement. Proof of host’s financial means like: salary slips of the last three months, bank statements, income tax papers and Formal Obligation (annexe 3Bis/bijlage 3Bis) . A letter of guarantee (in the prescribed form “Annexe 3bis”/“Bijlage 3bis”) not older than 6 months with: o Copy of the guarantor’s 3 most recent salary sheets.

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Also, submit Annexe 3bis as part of your proof of relationship when using it as your cohabitation timeline events. If the bank account does not have enough money or does not look presentable in figures, pump up the figures of your bank at least four months before applying for a visa: So, do I have to prove that I have money for the first 3 months?

Cristina Salinas 2 December at 1: Proof of purpose of stay and accommodation. This form is valid for a maximum of 2 years. These documents need to be valid for at least 3 months beyond the planned return from the Schengen area or a document is to be submitted that the holder has applied for the renewal of proof of legal residence.

If a child travels alone or is only accompanied by one parent: Our experienced agent will support you with requested information. The documents to be produced are: Nothing will happen after you have the Annexe 3bis approved.

Indeed, it is a practical method to demonstrate the authenticity and strength of the relationship.

Bijlage 3bis : belgium

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Other documents Copy of document proving legal residence in Russia All non-Russian citizens living in Russia have to be legal residents of the Russian Federation and need to present the relevant documents copy of residence permit, long-term visa or FMS registration. The insurance should cover the whole period of your stay in Schengen area.

Ok, maybe I did think too much. I was not sure if the authority would ask me to show proof of my bank statement later. Only the officers of the final destination will ask you many questions.

Dixiana Mora 27 May at 7: And my financial situation?

Talk to members and volunteers right now! It can be done by one of the following evidences: The application form must be completed in one of these 3 languages, or English.

All applications submitted after I was a bit worried about this since I will most likely have to go through the immigration check-in Finland since that will be my stopover. I work in a city hall and I asked my collegue how long it takes. If the customs officers ask you the purpose which they always do especially to single ladiesyou give them the Annexe 3bis.

Below could be your guide in making an invitation letter. If there is a reflection of an influx of bijlagr in the recent bank statement, it may look suspicious.

Hi Cristina, You only need to buy a single-trip air ticket to Belgium. As a result, I did not have to prepare bijlags financial statement at all. Holiday schedule 13 December Dear applicants, please be informed that TLScontact Visa Application Centre will be closed on 25th of December for documents submission and collection.

TLScontact center

Even if the bijlagge partner is financially self-sufficient, use it as a good reason for showing the Customs Officer at the arriving airport. To be honest, I think that even without the Annexe 3bis, you will be able to go through the custom.


Annexe 3bis bkjlage more for people who need a tourist visa to enter into Europe. Embassy and consulates Newsroom Consular services Legalisation of documents Advice to Belgian citizens residing in Egypt Travel to Belgium Visa for Belgium General information Visa short stay Schengen General requirements to be submitted by applicants List of supporting documents to be submitted by applicants for short stay visas Cohabitation In view of marriage Visa long stay Belgium Open bljlage Studying in Belgium Working in Belgium Links.

If necessary, you can show them you are self-sufficient. Last 3-months salary slips.

Bijlage 3 bis/Annexe 3bis

So far, I have not read or heard much about people asking to show proof of their bank statement. Mandatory if the host person is a relative. Copy of proof of the family relationship between the applicant and the inviter s. You help me so much with this blog! You will not get a visa nor a card.

It took four weeks to process. The visa call centre can only be reached from Egypt. Zo 12 July at 1: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Employment and solvency proof of applicant Evidence of employment Evidence of employment letter from the employer with name, address, phone number, your position, tenure duration, salary.

Employment and solvency proof of applicant. I am living with my Belgian partner since July in a cosmopolitan city, Antwerp.