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In addition, it will provide information on what to do in case of an injury. A pilot-study to test different safe devices was carried out in 12 hospitals in Hamburg, Germany.

More than 20 dangerous pathogens, including hepatitis B, C, and HIV, can be transmitted as a result of needlestick injuries [1].

Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. It applies to all workers private and public in the healthcare sector, as well as students, agency nurses, and healthcare staff in other workplaces, such as prisons. Its aim was to protect workers against risks to their health and safety, arising or likely to arise from exposure to biological agents at the workplace.

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PPE provides a barrier between the worker and the hazard. Factors that can influence the risk of sharps injuries are equipment, design of instruments, working conditions and working practices see also Job design and Organisational measures. Whilst there is no effective PEP available, an early interferon-monotherapy may reduce the risk of chronic illness.

Sharps and needlestick byi are wounds caused by needles and other sharp medical instruments e. Prevention measures to eliminate or bgk sharps injuries can be done in different ways. Sharps and needlestick injuries are highly underreported. Integrated Circuits Ic Chip.


Sample Order Free samples. Appropriate training is needed to ensure that all workers are aware of 506 risks of exposure to biological agents, and know about safe work procedures and the use of safe medical device, as well as standard operating procedures see also OSH training.

After exposure to Hepatitis B, active and passive immune-prophylaxis is an effective tool to prevent infection in non-vaccinated workers.

The last priority and least effective are individual control measures: Hollow-bore needles contaminated with blood account for most of the injuries among the devices. Workers should be involved in decisions about safe working practices see also OSH management systems and workers’ participation. Prevention of sharp injuries. In healthcare, it is not just medical professionals who are at risk from sharps injuries, but rather anyone who comes into contact with needles or medical sharps contaminated with blood or other body fluids.

This Directive sets out provisions to guarantee improved OSH where workers may be exposed to biological agents as a result of their work. According to a Swiss study, the highest level of non-reporting needlestick injuries is among doctors [36]. Work practice controls should not be a substitute for engineering controls and should only be considered if the technology to eliminate or reduce the hazard is not yet available.

The highest risk of being infected by hollow-bore needles comes from blood collection, intravenous cannulation, and percutaneously placed syringes [14].

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Your order is recognized as you are with full acknowledgement of product specs and respective policies. Electronic components 9W CYT Most selling products CYT Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Healthcare staff must be involved in the implementation of new safety devices in hospitals, and the following criteria must be considered adapted from Unison [31]:. We are not responsible for any import fees or customs taxes.


Such instruments come in contact with blood and other body fluids and may carry the risk of infections. Hepatitis C represents the most serious health risk as it is ten times more transmissible than HIV and there is currently no vaccine [17]. The hierarchy of controls, reflecting the efficacy of the measures, indicates that the first priority and most effective level is the elimination or substitution of needles and other sharps, where possible, i.

Effective measures to prevent sharps injuries also include administrative and work practice controls [7] [33]. In rare cases,the strict custom clearances will make the delivery time a bit longer,please be patient.

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While nurses who work in acute medical situations are identified as having the highest risk, many other healthcare workers are also at risk [5]such as [7]:.

If the items are defective, please notify us within 3 days of delivery. BG BAU- Berufsgenossenschaft der Bauwirtschaft statutory accident insurance for constructionReinigungsarbeiten mit Infektionsgefahr in medizinischen Bereichen Protecting cleaners from infection risks in healthcare facilitiesBGRupdated It is recommended in the others [35].