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The most mysterious places on the planet

Around the world there are many places that fascinate and even scare its mystery. These seats look unusual, they are unusual events. But they always attracted and attracts still to itself the attention of both scholars and ordinary lovers of all things mysterious and unusual. Many of these places have been investigated by researchers, while others remain a mystery still.

One of the most mysterious and enigmatic places on the planet is in Russia. This city was found in 1987 in the Chelyabinsk region. The arch consists of two rings supporting structures. It has a Central square and circular street. The city has four entrances, the entrance on each side of the light. In this mystical city with people experiencing very strange things. It is considered that it is possible to get rid of old illnesses and diseases. By visiting this site, people are rethinking their lives. Look at things in a different way and all the time want to go back to arch again.

2. Devils tower

This rock is in the U.S. state of Wyoming. It was formed 200 years ago. The rock has the correct form, so people thought she was someone built. Everyone knew that man was not able to build this and felt the rock – the work of the devil. The rock is scary and still. They say that at night on top of it can evidenence lights. However, despite all fears, the mountain has always tried to conquer. Famous parachutist George Hopkins landed on the top of the mountain, was her prisoner for weeks. It was able to save only experienced mountain climber Jack Dyurrans.

3. Czech catacombs

The catacombs are located in the city of Jigsaw. They were built by people. They say that at midnight you can hear the sound of the organ. Also, many claim that saw ghosts. In 1996, in the catacombs down special archaeological expedition to dispel myths about music and ghosts. However, archaeologists claim that in the catacombs you can really hear the sound of the organ. In addition, archaeologists have described the presence in the catacombs of the glowing staircase. Surprisingly, the research material of the ladder indicate the absence of phosphorus. However, the witnesses will claim that perfectly ordinary stairs at a certain time of day suddenly starts as if highlighted red-orange.

4. Molebsky triangle

This is another anomalous zone of Russia. The triangle was found between Sverdlovsk and Perm regions in winter 1983. It was discovered by the geologist Emil Bachurin, who noticed an unusual round ice. And returning to this place in the autumn, saw a luminous hemisphere. Further, in the triangle was observed glowing orbs, black figure and other abnormal body. All those bodies lined up in geometric shapes, was approaching people and flew, when they tried to approach him even closer. However, due to the increased popularity of this place among the curious, all research stopped. And abnormal items which were not seen in the triangle.

Around the world many of these mysterious places. Visit at least one of them can become a memorable adventure, but remember, it can be dangerous for Your life.

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