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Hyperborea – a mysterious country

I thought that now a lot said and written about Lemuria and Atlantis. They were, they sank in different parts of the world, at different times. But there is another unexplored country which they say is much smaller and, oddly enough, even though she has not sunk, but we know very little about it. Was she actually? If was, where? What were the mores and customs? What kind of people lived in it? And a lot of other issues in which I propose to deal in this thread.

Mysterious Hyperborea

Hyperborea, a mythical Northern ancient civilization, the mother of all living peoples. A beautiful legend. No, not so. Hyperborea – historical reality. The perfect civilization, not knowing wars and gave rise to scientific knowledge about the world. There were some in our latitudes. Yes, both versions have supporters. I saw this at the scientific-practical conference “my Motherland – Hyperborea”, which was held recently in Apatity. Its initiators were made by the Murmansk regional public organization “New city” and the Commission scientific tourism Russkogovoryaschego society.
“New city”, as explained by the head of the company Valentina Sharipova, intends to establish to ensure scientific and historical tourist center “Hyperborea”, and received at the end of last year a grant from the regional government. The purpose of the organization stated the study resources of the Kola Peninsula for the development of all types of tourism – from the scientific to the religious and sports. The highlight of the project can be considered as promoting the idea that the North of Russia was once the Hyperborea.

The conference could be seen as followers of this idea, and skeptics. Let’s start with the first – out of respect for the organizers. To them (and to the organizers, and to the adepts) is owned by the Chairman of the Commission scientific tourism Russian geographical society Sergey Golubev and the chief of staff of the expeditionary works at the Commission Valentin Nikolaenko. First, in a half-hour film of their own production, then the statement and while talking with the correspondent of “the Murmansk Bulletin” Sergey Golubev was never tired to repeat: Hyperborea is not a myth. Unlike, incidentally, from Atlantis.

– About Hyperborea as a real country wrote of ancient scholars Herodotus, Hesiod, Pliny, he says. – Then for many years forgot about it, and more recently appeared the interest in this topic. Take, for example, the great Northern expedition, which was fitted out Catherine and sent under the command of Admiral Chichagov. Was there a secret package relating to the search of Hyperborea, a problem even worried the Empress, who wanted something like Hyperborean rejuvenating apples.

In our time the problem of the mysterious country was engaged in Valery Demin, doctor of philosophy, – by the way, it was looking in our area not only Hyperborea, but also Bigfoot. He promoted the publication at the beginning of the two thousandth’s book of Hyperborea French author of the eighteenth century – as I understand it, the first such work from the time of Herodotus. After analyzing the astronomical knowledge of various cultures, from the ancient Hindus and Egyptians to the Europeans, – the author comes to the conclusion that they have the same root origin, one source, and the source of this Hyperborean civilization. In addition, a concludes that Atlantis itself most likely was not, and was North of Atlantis, somewhere above the 78th parallel.

The proofs of a reality of a vanished world, like-minded people Demina consider, for example, the presence in our Northern climes – especially in Karelia some megalithic sites. Simply put, buildings of stone of unknown origin and very ancient at the same time. However, for scientists there is no concept of “very ancient”, they prefer more specific categories. According to local geologists, the age of the stone labyrinths known in the Kola Peninsula – not more than two thousand years, the ancient civilization hardly pulls.

However, Golubev is not talking about labyrinths, and on stone tripods, pyramids and a throne at Solovki and Kosovskom the archipelago in the White sea. He also anthropomorphic entities (“images” of people) in the mountain valleys of the Khibiny mountains, which are “speaking” names, which can be translated as “gorge of the dead”, “the valley of ancestors”. Well, it is impossible not to recognize that conductors of different esoteric teachings and seekers of ancient civilizations (remember the recent visit to us Ernest Muldashev) the Kola high North is a really attractive place, rich in all kinds of findings and interpretations.

Whatever it was, the Commission scientific tourism is not only seeking evidence of the existence of such civilizations. It deals, as the name suggests, the promotion of the idea of the scientific tourism. Which implies the willing participation in various expeditions, geological, archaeological (popular and expensive in the West, for example). There is even this kind of tourism, as an independently organized, at your own risk, this kind of research. At the same time, the Commission (created in RGS, by the way, in 1980), by conducting his own expedition, can give advice, it is better to develop and advertise in a particular region.

– And you do not have to invent, you have everything, – said in his report Sergey Golubev. – Mountains, waterfalls, minerals, rich history and Ethnography. You need to unite and organize a powerful campaign. Use Internet – create advanced technically, beautiful sites, where you show your wealth to the world, tell us about them in many languages. This will have a powerful effect.

“The new city” Golubev promised full cooperation. Last spring he went with the expedition to the Khibiny and Lovozero, now immediately after the conference “geographers” also went for a few days in the mountains to historical and ethnographic research.

However, we cannot say that the guests opened opticana something completely unknown – as they say, and here not bast soup slurp. However, among scientists there were those who believe in the reality of Hyperborea, however, the development of scientific tourism is no objection.

– My heart aches for geological tourism, however, the question can and should be set wider, said, for example, the Director of the Geological Institute Yuri voitekhovsky, one of the speakers. – It is encouraging that the government believes that on this issue some perspective and provided a grant. Of course, I am ready to cooperate with the “New city”. We have to start from scratch don’t need: Geological Institute deals with this problem for four years, a breach in the wall of misunderstanding broken. Moreover, we together with the Geological Institute of Finland has issued a draft “geo-tourism in the Kola Peninsula” and participate in the competition for funding from the EU. Know the routes, know what to show and tell to tourists, but you need to go on these trails with the navigation instruments to lock in the coordinates to create maps, guides in several languages. As for today’s topic, the main question – what next? That will end when the regional grant? Injections in this area should be bigger, bigger, bigger, lasting.

We can not accept developments in the field of scientific, ethnographic and local lore tourism in our region. And Tonya fishing in the XV century you dumped, if desired, local guides, and on places of fights of the great Patriotic war and to the “ancient spirits” seydozero, and museums have many interesting things to tell. What rights Sergey Golubev is that while these streams do not merge into one flowing river, which fueled the region’s economy and social consciousness of the population – to as every Chinese is proud of the great wall, so would we – its mountain gorges and minerals. And “Hyperborean” in the past. Why not? In the end, many believed Schliemann when he was searching for Troy? And after all found.

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