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Top most mysterious places in Nikolaev

Friday the 13th – the number that is in excess of the guidelines and specifications need not completely. This year good Friday is held under the number 13! This fact can not give certain colors and moods. NikLife too will try to be on this day very careful, for mystical places in Nikolaev enough.

Say that Nikolaev is absolutely not an easy city. Sprouted from human bones, he hides himself in the bosom a lot of mysterious secrets that can’t leave indifferent even the bravest sailors ever entering this city. Because of them, because very few people were previously able to penetrate this strategic platform in the world and found out some interesting features, perhaps a little exaggerated, but even legends need to be a bit instructive and memorable.

In Nikolaev mysticism is where to turn and to roam, to take into account the fact that many nikolayevets calm myself walk and do not realize that is stored, not so deep beneath the earth on which they tread. And there, believe me what did not, and Golden carriages, and Turkish treasures, and old catacombs, and forgotten cemeteries. However, sometimes I want to say that much better not to know – so calm! Sometimes it is very useful to know some details, so easy to sleep and think that it’s neighbors rustle behind the wall.

And so, semichemically top places in Nikolaev!

“Oil mill” . Yes, earlier in Nikolaev the seeds in the center not only click, but to also multilis large parties! And it did not depend on physical training jaw apparatus! Grind sunflower seeds for oil. Because on the street Chkalov was a special taste. Now the mill is long gone. But a lot of people argued that sometimes, in Nikolaev hazy night, smell the same again. And it seems that the mill will not go away. Here is a ghostly phenomenon.

“Laid the box” . Few people know why nikolayevets, long before the exploits of Olshanets. stayed near the “eternal fire” are now on Lenin square and were baptized. Fire there certainly was not, but was something else. That is, if you go down to the Waterfront from the streets of Moscow on this wonderful track, which is still lined with cobblestones and lined with high stone walls, and turn your head to the left, just approximately near the “eternal flame”, one can notice a certain niche. Notice it is not easy, but possible. Here the former residents, it was evident because there was an Icon of the Mother of God. Because who went to the ferry, so the trip was a happy, necessarily baptized in this place. Now if you hide in the side, you notice how people sometimes stumble by this window.

“Stop for the ghosts in the zoo”. No longer a secret that the Nikolaev zoo is located in the old cemetery, or rather one of its parts. But that’s not it. At the zoo is an abandoned stop. Transport, of course, wanders there, just a hoof, but stop appear. There is such a legend that it’s there for a reason. And she carries no children with ice cream, and dead. Because if you stay at the zoo until midnight, you can see how to stop the tram ride up the Ghost, so as to transport their passengers to new places. The main thing is not to get into the car with the living.

“Victory in the swamp” . By itself, the Park “Victory” and already something mystical, especially at night. But go around the city rumors that if you go to the Park using the services of the pontoon bridge, you notice the road was barely visible swamp. During the day, it’s completely normal though puddles, but at night, if you trust the rumors, they get a completely different character. Rumor has it that once there found the body of a young drowned. Which never got to the disco, running through the Park. And what if in the summer at midnight can be seen on a dimly lit track is one of the girls who asks for help. She says that her friend, having touched superfluous, has lost consciousness near the swamp and she could not drag her to the bus. Better not go to help the mermaid.

“Graveyard babies”. True or not, but rumor has it that there is in the city centre on a deserted wasteland in a dark place, where at one time mothers who do not wish to keep the babies, took them there, buried, or simply left in a trash crowd. And they say that if you go there at night you can hear children cry.

“Ghosts in the library gmyreva” . Many local residents say about the basement of the library. Previously they were connected to the catacombs, but then the entrances walled up. Now there library. Hundreds of books … and of course ghosts. The only alleged fact was probably quite intelligent ghosts.

“The phantom of the Executive Committee” . The Executive Committee in any case even the place. Mysticism there is no “dead souls” enough. Therefore, wandering there, cast is not the most dangerous phenomenon that can be seen in this building. They say if you climb on one of the upper floors and hide in a corridor, you can hear, and it is even possible to find transparent outline of a man. They say that even know what it is. No, not the acting mayor Chaika, and another once worked in this building for many years official. Of course, Vladimir Dmitriyevich is also quite a lot of years is already in the Executive Committee, but to fear him too early.

“The lighthouse Keeper” . “The camp field” – a place in Nikolaev, around and over which hovers a lot of rumors and judgments. According to the official version in this territory has long been the bodies of German soldiers. There are also entrances to the catacombs. Close by the jail, which also can not carry a certain energy. Before the second world this place was located the lighthouse. It is of course no, but if you cross the river on the other side, sometimes, you may see strange reflections in the area. People entrenched version of that is the lighthouse Keeper on the habits of wandering with a lantern on its territory.

“Nikolaev catacombs” . This is the most entertaining and interesting that you can find in Nikolaev, or rather under it. Amazing how much you can tell about these tainstvennaya. Ghosts? And not one of course! Importantly, to overcome neither the time nor the wars. Of course, the energy that is stored underground can be felt on the surface. Deteriorate because of the Nikolaev roads, is not known. But it is also not known to all the unspoken stories of these places, all the secrets and nightmares.

“Matveevsky wood” . But most of all mystics in this forest! Generally people say that all the witches of the city are now living in near surrounding Matveevke. In their forest they go, in order to exercise their professional duties. They say despite a garbage dump, in forest latitudes to meet you, and enough enigmatic objects, proving carrying out some rituals of black magic. Still there like how are the covens. Besides, as you know, even the fate of unites. For example, this happened with the mayor of Nikolaev.

Here are the mystic places appear in Nikolaev. It may, of course, a lot of things and rumors, but they just never come up. So they have a certain need. Be careful on Friday the 13th, especially if she is also passionate.

Top most mysterious places in Nikolaev
Friday the 13th - the number that is in excess of the guidelines and specifications need not completely. This year good Friday is held under the number 13! This fact…


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