The pipeline - Nord stream - Russia-Germany
In the Baltic sea ended with the construction of the first pipeline "Nord stream". On the seabed the pipe is directly connected Russia and Germany, and this fall should begin…

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The Gothic quarter of Barcelona
A landmark in the quarter Beautiful area, located near the sea on the left side of the city, is called "Gothic quarter Barcelona", due to their past. Once this place…

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The ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia.
The culture of ancient Mesopotamia is characterized by a high level of science, literature and art, with a clear predominance of religious ideology. The ancient culture of Mesopotamia — Sumerian-Akkadian…

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Top 5 most mysterious places on the planet

5-th place. Gem cave in Russia

This is one of the most mysterious places on the planet . Amazing cave is located in the Leningrad region. It is situated on the right Bank of the Tosna river.

Gem cave

Cave passages extend at 5500 meters. But noteworthy is the fact that its walls are studded with extraordinary white peas. But their chemical composition is identical to pearls. No scientist can say with certainty how the walls of this cave can form pearls. Actually, hence the name of the cave. But it is better not to go there in spring or autumn, the season of abundant snow melt and rains. The fact that the soil on the roof of the cave isn’t stable. But in summer or in winter, the cave attracts dozens of cavers.

4-th place. Socotra Island

In ancient times the shore of the island of Socotra attracted only the most desperate travelers. Today this unique place are the Bedouins.

Socotra is one of the most isolated archipelagos in the world. It is located in the Indian oceanopolis the coast of Somalia. The archipelago is virtually untouched by civilization, so the Islands you can see animals that cannot be found in other places of the world (reel world, solotransa Sunbird).

Socotra Island

The symbol of the island – Socotroco dragon tree. If notching its bark, spilled red juice, which hardens quickly. In the future it can be used in cosmetic and medical purposes. In addition, the Socotra cucumber grow on the trees – just as we have apples! Thanks to a unique flora and fauna of Socotra island UNESCO world heritage site.

3-e a place. The goseck circle in Germany

The three top mysterious places on the planet opens the Goseck circle in Germany. At its core is a unique structure in the form of an ancient Observatory, built of earth, rubble and timber.

The goseck circle

It consists of several pits, whose diameter is 75 meters. In 1991 the circle was discovered during aerial surveys of terrain. Excavations began only eleven years later. It has been determined that two of the South aisle are celebrating the onset of summer and winter solstices.

2-nd place. Egyptian pyramids

The best preserved pyramids in Giza, near Cairo, the Egyptian capital. The highest pyramid is the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu, it is also one of the “seven wonders of the world”. The pyramids were built 5000 years ago and many of them are quite well preserved to this day.

The legendary pyramid of Cheops

Inside the pyramids are secret passages, corridors, rooms, with stone coffins-sarcophagi with the bodies of the dead lords and their wives.

It is interesting to note that within the pyramid lies a network of corridors. Designed for the Pharaoh’s room was made of black granite. Faces of pyramid, concave, about 1 meter to focus the sun’s rays during the summer solstice. The pyramid was very hot and it was making horrible noises.

1st place. Stonehenge

Leader in our top list the most mysterious places of the planet, Stonehenge is one of the unique monuments of archeology in the world. It is located in England in Wiltshire. It consists of circular structures built of large stones – menhirs. This monument and its surroundings is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

Stonehenge — a stone age calendar

Scientists suggest that over the construction of this ancient monument of architecture worked for many people. For all the work they spent about 30.000 working hours. The construction itself has created in several stages and lasted about 2000 years.

But the most famous finds in the earth beneath Stonehenge is the remains of the Saxons, and ancient Roman coins.

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