12 creative architectural structures in the world
For the more adventurous, there are plenty of reasons to go to this or that city, to visit a particular country. Some people prefer to rest and relax, someone to…

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Most mountain building in the Earth: dimensions
The construction in the mountains The longest and largest building in the mountains made by human hands, is the Great wall of China. Grander, perhaps, and not to find, if…

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The construction of ancient people discovered in the Chelyabinsk region, is a mystery to scientists
The construction created by ancient people on the lake Zyuratkul in the Chelyabinsk region, has no analogues in the world. Therefore, scientists can not yet say what it is: a…

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Attractions Of Belgium

Official name – Kingdom of Belgium (Royaume de Belgique, Koninkrijk Belgie, Kingdom of Belgium)

The Capital Of Belgium – Brussels. Here attracts tourists . the Central square in the Gothic style (XV century); the Royal Palace; the Cathedral of St. Michael (XIII-XVI centuries), famous for its stained-glass Windows; the town hall with a 90-meter watch tower; Palace of justice (XIX century); Gothic Guild houses (XVII century); the symbol of the capital – the Manneken-Pis (Manneken Pis). If you like museums, here is a basic list of Brussels museums: municipal Museum, it is situated in the building of the Royal Palace (XVI-XVIII century), the wax Museum, the Museum of classical art with a collection of Flemish painters, the Royal Museum of art and history (here you will find one of the richest collections of Egyptian antiquities, Chinese and pre-Columbian art of America), the Meunier Museum, the Museum “Mini-Europe” in this Museum there are over 100 miniature models of monuments of history and architecture of Europe in 25-fold scale. In Brussels, you can relax in the Park”hill of the arts”, or you can drive 14 km to the North of the city, here is the State Botanical garden.

The city of Antwerp, the city famous for its famous Notre Dame Cathedral (XIV-XV centuries), its spire rises to a height of 121,9 m! The town has a town hall (XVI century), the Cathedral of our lady, Church of SV. Charles and James,the Church of St. Jacob, the Palace of Justice (XVI century), the Royal castle of Gaasbeek. You can go to the zoo or visit the museums: the Royal Museum of fine arts, the Museums of folk art and Ethnography, sculpture Museum, the diamond Museum, the Museum Mayer van den Bergh, Plantin-Moretus.

The city of Lesquin known for its Royal Palace (XVIII century) . year-round tropical swimming pool “Oceanium”, a hundred-meter steel model of an iron crystal – “Atomium”.

In the city of Anderlecht should definitely visit the Museum of Erasmus of Rotterdam (XVI century), the Royal castle of Gaasbeek, castle and PwC (XIV century).

In the city of Liege is the Church of Saint-Barthelemy . this Church is famous for the largest bronze sculpture patikam – kuplu, it was cast mastre Rayner from guy in the XII century, the Palace of the Prince-bishops (XI century), the octagonal Church of Saint-Jean. The Saint-Paul Cathedral (XIV-XV centuries), the town Hall, Church of St-Martin (X century). In Liege there is a Museum of archeology and art Maasland (in the House of kurzius), and the most unique exhibit of this Museum is the gospel of Nothera created about 1000 years ago in frame of ivory, and later decorated with enamel and precious stones.

The city of Bruges, they say – “little Venice” the most amazing city among the cities in Europe. Through the city to reach the TV, through the channels spanned by picturesque bridges, ivy-covered. The city itself is imbued with the atmosphere of medieval history and romanticism. Along the canals are small medieval houses. The city has many monuments such as: old market square with buildings of XIII century and a magnificent Watchtower Belford (XIII century), the tower height is 89 m. the tower is a symbol of strength of citizens and the independence of the city, at the end of the XIX century in Gothic style was built by the Government of the province, the Gothic town Hall (1376), the Church of the Basilica of the Holy Blood (XII century). In the former office of court construction in the style of the Flemish Renaissance at the moment is the seat of the Provost. In Bruges is a marble statue of the Madonna and child by Michelangelo, the Church of the virgin (XIII century) in the great tower of 122 meters high is the largest brick tower in Belgium, the Beguines Convent, and near the monastery is a beautiful lake with swans Love, the Savior’s Church (XIV century), Cathedral of St. Salvator (XIII-XIV centuries). Brugge museums: the Museum of Antiquity and Art Gruuthuse (XV century), this Museum was formerly the Palace of the famous nobles of the time in Brugge of van Lodewijk Gruuthuse, Chevalier of the Order of the Golden Fleece; Museum – Mausoleum of Mary of Burgundy and Charles the Bold. National parks Brugge – the Hautes Fagnes, Kalmthout. In Bruges more than 2000 sites.

The Ghent city with 250 thousand population is the formal capital of Flanders.

The main attractions of Ghent:

Cathedral of St. Bavo from “Ghent altarpiece” (1432) and the paintings of van Eyck;

the Church of St. Nicholas;

the convent of the Beguines;

the Abbey of St. Bavo, founded by St. The Amandus in the seventh century;

the Church of St. Michael;

Graslei is a street of old houses;

town hall;

castles of count Philip (XII century) and of Gerard the Devil (XIII century);

Birdmart – medieval town center;

Hoogport – fortress with two huge towers.

The Museum of fine arts;

Archaeological Museum, located in the metochion of the old Cistercian Abbey Balok;

the Museum of decorative arts and folklore;

the Museum of modern art in van der Hagena (with the bathroom writer Maeterlinck).

Not far from Ghent Lochristi is with floral center where festivals are held begonias in August ; Watersportbaan where international rowing competitions; the canal zone (33 km) to the Scheldt. In September-October occur the Flanders festivals. The main centers of trade are situated on the Coater, Polderstraat, Veldstraat.

One of the cultural attractions of Belgium is the carnival. And the most famous carnivals is the carnival of Bins near Maize, it takes place before Lent, another famous carnival – the carnival of the Holy Blood, which is annually held in may in Bruges; there is the carnival for kids – carnival of the day of St. Nicholas, held on 6 December.

Other cities have their attractions, it – the market square and Gothic town hall in Damme, Church of the congregation of Saint. The hotel in dieste, the majestic citadel and the Cathedral of our lady in Dinant, Lakenhalle most beautiful and biggest public Gothic building in Europe, built in 1260 – 1304, and restored after the First world war in Ypres Cathedral. Rombout in Mechelen and others – witness the growth of medieval trade and craft towns.

Attractions of Cologne is the Gothic Cathedral
Among the attractions of the world, the Church of St. Peter and Maria in Cologne is one of the highest Catholic cathedrals. From the observation deck, located in the tower…


12 creative architectural structures in the world
For the more adventurous, there are plenty of reasons to go to this or that city, to visit a particular country. Some people prefer to rest and relax, someone to…