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Mysterious facts about mount Kailash

The shape and location of the mountain

The Kailas mountain is located in hard-to-reach, remote location in Western Tibet. It is surrounded by eight mountains, one of which is the unusual surface, concave form, turned towards him. The form resembles a mountain covered with snow with the pyramid oriented to the cardinal faces, like the famous pyramids of Egypt.

The slope on the southern side intersects the downward-sloping crack in the centre of which is horizontal. A shadow formed from them during the sunset, like a huge swastika.

Eyewitnesses watching the mountain for several days, noted unusual effects. Over the top of the visible flashes, like a flash of ball lightning. Sometimes the colored balls are formed into weird shapes.

Mysterious 6 me

Until now, scientists argue about the real height of Kailas. The most common version is 6666 meters depending on the method of measurement, the height ranges 6637-6890 M.

6666 km – distance from mountains to the North Pole. The megalithic stone structures of Stonehenge located in the English County of Wiltshire.

Unknown – a mysterious lake that elusive time…

Not far from the mountain are two lakes – the West vostochnogermanskogo and rakshastal. They are separated by a small isthmus. In the first lake of great transparency of fresh water. Its surface is always calm, regardless of the time of year. Another water surface, salt lakes, all the while dazzled, as during a storm. Why? While no one can explain.

According to the observations, in the area of Kailas, the acceleration of time. 12 hours spent there, are equal to 2 normal weeks. This is evident by the rate of regrowth of nails and hair. Mysteriously changing goals come to grief. One gets the feeling that she keeps to herself.

Almost in range of the famous crack, is 2 km long stone sarcophagus, coupled with a mountain of Kailas 50-metre tunnel. It covers multi-stage wall gable roof, the pediment of which can be seen the remains of the reliefs.

The mountain that keeps its secrets

The first reports of the conquest of the mountain top American climbers appeared in the late 90’s, But within 2 years for unknown reasons they died. 2007 did not complete the ascent of Russian climbers who tragically died member of the group. Fatal finale ended in an attempt to conquer the impregnable stronghold of the English members of the expedition.

To this day Kailas remains the unconquered mountain, which envelops the aura of mystery. And inexplicable incident for years to come will excite the human imagination.

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