Ancient Egypt
The beginning of the heyday of the slave system in Ancient Egypt historians refer to the III Millennium B. C. the ancient Egyptian pharaohs who were enslaved in those distant…

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Industrial landscapes of antiquity
Many of the "old" buildings, careful consideration, be... parts of the "industrial buildings" and not temples, minarets or other frills. We present you some colorful and overwhelming evidence. In January…

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Architecture Of Spain
To the year 1250 in Europe gradually began to take shape Gothic style in architecture. It is believed that the first steps in this direction were made by the Abbot…

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The pipeline – Nord stream – Russia-Germany

In the Baltic sea ended with the construction of the first pipeline “Nord stream”. On the seabed the pipe is directly connected Russia and Germany, and this fall should begin the first deliveries of fuel. And yet the structural strength is checked by builders and environmentalists.

Barge-pipelayer “Castor SKU” now works on the border of the territorial waters of Finland and Estonia. To get to the area of the laying of the second line of the pipeline “Nord stream” easiest way by helicopter from the Finnish city Turku. Half an hour of jolting in the air (outside the window the strong wind and rain) – and the pilot announces the arrival.

“Castor” in Italian means “beaver”. As this animal perfectly adapted to the construction under water, and the barge can build a pipeline on the seabed of the Baltic sea even in bad weather. The barge captain Domenico Alverdi says: “If the pipe begins to move inside of the ramp, then of course we stop. It is impossible to lay the gas pipeline is smooth, if the pipe goes up and down. But this is very rare. In addition, our barge can easily withstand the excitement even higher than three meters. The design of this huge catamaran is that the wave just seemed to go right under us.”

1224 kilometers from the first line “Nord stream” barge “Castrosua” put 845 miles. Now the crew has started construction of the second parallel branch. The length of one section of the pipeline 24, and this piece of pipe is welded to the main branch, part of the “Nord stream is in limbo between “Castor SKU” and the bottom of the Baltic sea. Before the pipe reaches the seabed, will be six minutes. Weld a section from the inside, and before immersing the pipe in water, the joints are treated with rust inhibitor and fill in with waterproof mastic. At the bottom of the sea gas pipeline is held in place by gravity reinforced concrete apron.

For laying the first branch of Nord stream took 13 months, and the pipe is solid just now when the builders put all three segments of the pipeline. These operations are conducted under water at a depth of 80 meters in Estonian waters and 110 meters – near the coast of Sweden. On the bottom was down a huge chamber and pumped water from it and welded the segments of highway between them.

The official representative of the consortium Nord Stream Jens müller said: “We have already tested the pressure of all three segments of the first branch of the pipeline, and these tests were concluded successfully. Now begins the next stage: we drained the pipe, then fill it with nitrogen until then, until we start transportation of natural gas. It will happen in the autumn – in September-October”.

One branch of the “Nord stream” for the year it is possible to pump 27 and a half billion cubic meters of fuel. By the fall of 2012 with the completion of the second leg of the backbone’s capacity will be doubled. All this will allow to supply gas from Yuzhno-Russkoye field on the Yamal Peninsula 26 million households in Western Europe.

Almost 7.5 billion Euro Nord stream invested companies from Russia, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Builds the same track representative international team. For example, the conductor of the VGTRK crew on the barge “Castor SKU”, officer safety Jahid Sagradov – originally from Azerbaijan. “There are at least 30 nationalities. They gathered from all over the world. The project is quite big, global, and so working people are going from all over the world”, – he told.

All Baltic sea countries are watching to see how laying pipe on the bottom can affect nature. Scientists are constantly monitoring the water conditions and behaviour of marine life. No claims of environmentalists have not yet, calm even known for his passion for conservation Finns.

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