Restoration of antiquities
Restoration work is an opportunity and value not only our time. The restoration was carried out at all times. For these reasons, it is difficult to establish the true age…

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Hyperborea - a mysterious country
I thought that now a lot said and written about Lemuria and Atlantis. They were, they sank in different parts of the world, at different times. But there is another…

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Top 5 most mysterious places on the planet
5-th place. Gem cave in Russia This is one of the most mysterious places on the planet . Amazing cave is located in the Leningrad region. It is situated on…

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Gothic architectural style

This trend first appeared in France in the mid 12th century, so for a long time the Gothic style was called French. One of the main impressions, which covers at the sight of Gothic buildings, is the common aspiration of the whole building up. Like giant stalks of plants, structures of that period becoming narrower and thinner, approaching his peak. The massive Romanesque arches of overlapping has now been replaced by lighter frame construction.

Major innovations in architecture

Gothic arch rests on the arch with protruding ribs (rib). Thanks to these innovations managed to skillfully balance the load on the pillars and columns. Gothic support post was a sort of tuft composed of six, eight or even more columns. With the help of these pillars we also managed to unload the slabs, to make them more light and airy. As a result of internal volumes of Gothic buildings has increased, producing an even greater impression on visitors.

Due to the fact that there was an opportunity to do more extensive Windows, the architects were able to decorate their unique stained glass panels. It would seem that this strict in many parts Gothic style Staatliche be combined with bright and colorful design.

Entrance doors in buildings of that time was surrounded by pointed arches, today this technique is known as a promising portal. And the top of this element was part of its tip in the middle of the round window, called “rose”.

Details that leave the biggest impression

It is hard to imagine without the Gothic cathedrals sculptures. In stone has carved images of saints and figures of different fantastic animals. So, the well-known gargoyles were nothing more than racks, taps rainwater, which effectively came down from the mouths of these monsters.

Another feature of Gothic architecture – filigree stone carving. Sculptors were able to complete the sharp-pointed spires, flying buttresses and winery (decorative pediments) strange stone plants. Yes, and all the exterior of Gothic cathedrals, which represented an intricate combination of leaves and flowers, reminiscent of woven thread made of stone lace. Once inside such facilities, a visitor was immediately enchanted by the play of light in the stained glass murals, and complements the impression of unearthly sounds of the organ, producing a majestic effect.

Top 10 tallest buildings in the world
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