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The mysteries of the megalithic structures

The mystery of the megaliths has long been concerned about humankind. And in recent time the interest in them increased sharply again due to the finds of megalithic structures on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, about 40 kilometers from the Bahamas. The oldest of these facilities: now date back to the VIII Millennium BC. e. Megaliths belong to different epochs. They were erected in the VIII century BC, they were built on the Islands of Polynesia only a few decades ago.

Who was the first Builder and with what purpose was created the multi-ton megalithic structures? While it’s not clear. It is also known that the megaliths obviously gravitate to the sea, and the farther from it, the smaller become the largest stone buildings. Legends like mist shrouded them, but there are all these legends something in common, forcing us again and again to ponder the mysterious events of the ancient history of the Earth, left an indelible mark in the memory of human generations.

Polynesia. Her well-known mysteries, and legends store a time stamp. Some myths accurately reflect the main stages of the history of the Polynesians. On the Islands of Polynesia are found many megalithic monuments: dolmens, majestic, but already destroyed by the time temples and canals. The construction of these structures is attributed to the Polynesians or the red-bearded white gods, pricelimit across the ocean, or the dwarves, descended from a flying three-tiered island Kuahelani. Polynesian legends devote much space to the mysterious nation of dwarfs – menehune. Legends say that menehune – ugly creatures whose height ranges from 12 to 90 cm; they only vaguely resemble humans. View menehune, centered and stationary, terrifies his action turn to stone. Renowned scholar of myths of Oceania cites the following words of the Polynesians about menehune: “Any work they do effortlessly, per night, and come to sunrise for them is hard work.” Some legends speaking about the simplicity of the dwarfs (do not know how to make fire, to cook on it food, etc.), it can be considered that menehune was the indigenous population of Oceania. At the same time, all Polynesian legends give menehunes on others. However, menehune friendly and often help people. Menehune appear at sunset: they don’t like sunlight, because under supernatural traits: for example, the ability to mutate and to cross a water space without the aid of boats. The range of abilities described in the legends, otherwise than telepathic call. In addition, legends are unanimous and they all say that menehune – nation builders, who built many structures, including megalithic, which again does not fit with the idea of primitiveness of the culture of dwarfs.

Is controversial and the location of the homeland of menehunes. However, the Polynesians no doubt that dwarfs came to the other Islands from the island of Kauai. But as they attacked on the Island? The legend tells that once the gods created the three-tiered island Kuahelani and settled the tribes of dwarfs. Among them were menehune. The Governor of the island became Kanahooka – a relative of one of the major deities of the Polynesians. Kaahumanu was the high priest of the island of Kauai. Here is what writes about Kuihelani K. Luomala: “Kuihelani fabulous island, sailed at night in the clouds or in the ocean. When menehunes had to move for work to other Islands, magic island gently descended from the clouds to the ocean surface and swam to the island, where he landed menehune. If they had no desire to remain in these valleys, the island took them back.”

Many megaliths are also found in Australia. Their construction is credited or mysterious voneinem that came out of the sea and depicted creatures without mouths, with halos around their heads, or dwarfs, according to legend inhabiting Australia.

In Russia the most famous megaliths of the Caucasus. Narrow chain they stretch along the coast of the Black sea. It is believed that the earliest dolmens built here at the beginning of the II Millennium BC Even with modern technical means, it is difficult to build this magnificent structure. Adygeytsy called the Caucasian dolmens “Sirp-UN”, which means home of dwarfs. The Ossetians there are legends about dwarfs bicent of people that possess supernatural traits. For example, the dwarf bicente able at a glance to topple a huge tree. According to legend, dwarfs lived in the sea. In addition, the Ossetians claim that the ancestors of the Caucasian peoples mythical sleds – also came up from the sea and gave people the culture. Not in honor do Nartov built in the Caucasus huge stone monuments and the shape of a fish?

Amazing romantic legends surrounding the megaliths of Britain. Who does not know the wonderful tales about the Country of Eternal Youth in the hills of England and Ireland? At night, says the legend, at certain times of the year reveals the hills, and flowing from them a strange unearthly light lures unsuspecting travellers to the country of seeders-the dwarfs, who went underground in ancient times. Even seeds live somewhere far in the ocean on the Islands of the promised land. They own wisdom and countless treasures. Here’s what he wrote about the seeders Professor L. Smirnov; “Immortal or they just have the gift of longevity is difficult to establish. Apparently, they do not know a natural death, but can die in battle. They possess the ability to change their appearance or become invisible. Often they leave their habitat and interfering in people’s lives”.

The favorite motif of the Celtic legends are stories about sea travel. The sailors who traveled the Atlantic in search of the fabulous land of seeders, I see a lot of outlandish in its path. Mysterious island, strange buildings, erected in the midst of the sea, – all this belongs to the seeders. The description of such structures associated with modern man, first of all with the theme of space, particularly with space ships; “They (travelers) then sailed until pulled up to a giant silver pillar. It was quadrangular, and each side – two punch of ship oars: to go round it, it required eight strokes of the oars. No piece of land was not next to him one infinite ocean. Not see was the base of the pillar, nor the top – so high was he.

From the top of the pillar went down, widely spread, silver chain, and ship with folded sails sailed through one of the loops.

They heard from the top of the pillar a voice powerful, sonorous, sonorous, but could not understand or who speaks in any language”. This is an excerpt from the Irish Saga of “the Voyage Maille-Duino”, in which there are many such descriptions.

Interesting numerous reports of Irish stories about people taken by the LEDs to the Country of his Youth. These people get in a huge castle on the island that “is. feet of white bronze” They think that they spent only a year in the castle, and when it was time to return to their homes, after much persuasion, the seeds were given permission to do so. But it turned out that in a fairytale castle time flowed more slowly than on Earth, and when the seeders passed one year on Earth tech century.

Often found in the Irish sagas mention of the megaliths. So, in “Diseases of cohaven” the menhirs attributed to the ability to communicate between man and seeders.

Legends about dwarfs are widely distributed and in other Nations of Northern Europe. The most famous is the arch of legends “Older” and “Younger Eddas”. Here is what writes about the dwarfs well-known researcher of old Icelandic myths M. I. Steblin-Kamensky: “They live in stone or underground and turn to stone if they get sunlight (in drevneevreyskom language there is even a special verb that means “to turn into stone, being caught by the dawn”). About them know that they are the guardians of treasures, skilled craftsmen and holders of wisdom. Dwarfs, according to the “EDD”, participated in the warrior of the gods, causing the terrible disaster.”

In recent years, special interest began to call legends of the African tribe Dogon, as well as their neighbouring peoples. The Dogon also built the dolmens, and they have legends about dwarfs-ibanah. These legends exactly resemble the already cited from the myths of Polynesia and Australia. Dwarfs-abany – children of the pale Fox Yurugu and Earth, which was the result of incest. Jebany are considered the first settlers of the ancient population of the country of the Dogon; they are descendants of the first immortal humans. It is abany steel to make fire and were the first blacksmiths. They have a small body but a huge head, for some reason turned back. Now jebany live in caves or underground, hiding from the eyes of the people. And only the initiated can sometimes see dwarfs abanov and talk with them.

So, the legends about the mysterious people, no one knows where arriving on Earth, similar in many Nations of the world. If the dwarves somehow involved in the construction of megalithic structures, the relationship between legends and dolmens can only reveal future research.

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