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Most mountain building in the Earth: dimensions

The construction in the mountains

The longest and largest building in the mountains made by human hands, is the Great wall of China. Grander, perhaps, and not to find, if not to take into account the Egyptian pyramids.

The settings are shocking:

A length of 8851 km, the approximate Height of 6-10 meters; Width: narrower part is 5.5 meters, and the widest is 8; the highest point is 1534 m above sea level; The lowest is at sea level.

Historical monument of China

The great wall is called “the greatest mountain building” precisely because most of its people have made, but some parts are composed of rocks, which outcrop at the surface. Brickwork, made by man, is 6260 km of walls and rock – 2230 km Every 400 meters on the wall are two-story towers. They were used for storage of supplies and food, and to spy on enemies. During the reign of one of the Chinese dynasties on the lookout towers of the wall were more than a million martovich.

This wall is not only the largest mountain building land. The facts say that the construction of the great wall of China was spent in the history of the maximum number of people, building resources and time.

Indeed, this historical monument of China took over two million lives of people who uchastvovali its construction. There are legends that the dead were cemented into the walls, so they were tight. And it was built using a mixture of powder of human bones. Most likely, these legends came to us from the days when the building served as to protect. They were told to terrify attacking China. Scientists have conducted several studies and completely destroyed these myths: the mixture was prepared exclusively from rice flour.

A strategic move

The wall – normal strategic move of the first Emperor of China. It was built for protection against attacks of robbers who stole goods and took away the inhabitants into slavery. The way of the horsemen was closed by a high wall. Of course, instead of the security people got a century of hard work. The great wall was not built in one approach. Chinese scientists say that in 246 BC started the construction of the building. Its construction involved many dynasties. This structure served a protective function, so one part was built, another was restored when damaged or built on another part. So the wall was built just over 2,000 years.

Wall of China from space

Worldwide debate: can you see the Great wall of China from space. Many scientists argue that this is the greatest man-made structures can be seen even from the moon. For the first time these data were published far before the first flight to the moon. This article appeared in 1893, in one of the editions of The Century America. And this came through. According to astronauts, the Chinese wall is almost not visible at a distance of 290 km from the Earth’s surface. And from the moon to the naked eye, people can not especially to see her. William Pogue astronaut, was at one time on a space station Skylab – claimed that he saw the Chinese wall. But later stated that it was not a large mountain structure of the earth, and the Great Chinese channel.

If the Chinese wall was more contrast relative to the surrounding nature, it is likely that it would be visible even from the moon. But the width of the building and the color makes it invisible. It is for these same reasons of space, many do not notice it, you need to know exactly where to look, and there should be good visibility.

The largest mountain structures impress everyone. It remains a mystery why the Great wall of China was not included in the list of the Seven Wonders of the world until 2007. This is the greatest human labor of one generation.

Though to compete with the size of the Chinese wall would be difficult, but should not exaggerate – from outer space to notice the construction is possible only when a person knows exactly where to look.

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