The Gothic quarter of Barcelona
A landmark in the quarter Beautiful area, located near the sea on the left side of the city, is called "Gothic quarter Barcelona", due to their past. Once this place…

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The Island Of St. Faith
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Spanish architecture

Now go to virtual journey through Spain, with its bewitching beauty and unique architecture.

The Coast Of Spain

The Kingdom of Spain is located in southwestern Europe, occupies a large part of the Iberian Peninsula and bordered on the West with Portugal, and North-East France. It is bordered to the East and South by the Mediterranean sea, West Atlantic ocean and from the North the Bay of Biscay. In Spain includes Balearic Islands in Mediterranean sea and Canary Islands in the Atlantic ocean.

Spain on the map

In Spain is widely traced the whole history of styles of world architecture, for many centuries formed the image of Spanish cities, changing and improving their facades, landscape and interiors. Depending on the people who owned the Spanish land, was changed and its architecture.To some extent, the architecture of Spain presents ancient Roman buildings, Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance buildings, Baroque and rich Moorish motifs. So, the architectural ensemble of the Alhambra is the clearest example of Moorish style in Spanish architecture. There is a whole tapestry of fountains, many swimming pools and it all is buried in verdure.

The architectural ensemble of the Alhambra

And the best example of Gothic architecture is the Cathedral Catedral de Segovia the city is home to Leone, which is considered the most beautiful in Spain.

The Catedral de Segovia is the most magnificent Gothic structure of Spain

The architecture of Spain has gained much in the face of the great architect Antoni gaudí. who created the style of Catalan art Nouveau. The Catalan genius Antonio Gaudi was the Creator of Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. Through the use of a variety of styles, he managed to convey the atmosphere of Spanish identity and culture.

The Cathedral Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, architect Antonio Gaudi

Park Guell in Barcelona, architect Antonio Gaudi

The house batlló in Barcelona, architect Antonio Gaudi

Casa Mila in Barcelona – the house without a single corner, the architect Antoni Gaudi

In Madrid the capital of Spain, a lot of architectural masterpieces. Is worth, only Puerta del Sol, in the heart of the city. It is renowned for the House Address where there is a clock with four dials, the ringing of which celebrate New Year.

The Puerta del Sol, in Central Madrid

In the area of the Habsburgs is narrow and intersecting streets with lots of houses and squares of the XVII century, the Central square Plaza Mayor the most remarkable buildings such as the House of the Baker, whose facade is decorated with frescoes and the House of the Butcher, where are now the municipal service. In Plaza de La Provincia is the Palace of Santa Cruz, it is the foreign Ministry of Spain. Nearby is the picturesque area of the Villa with the building of the Municipality, which was the seat of the Consistory and was a prison of La Villa. Located near the Basilica of San Miguel in the Baroque style, the Palace Casa de Cisneros, a Palace and a tower Lujanes in the Moorish style, the monastery Carboneras and the Church of San Pedro El Viejo with a tower in the style of “Mudejar” of the XIV century, built over the minaret that stood here before the mosque. On the area of the Groin is the Chapel of Bishop is the only one in Madrid the Church in the Gothic style, the altar and the silver plated doors which are of great artistic value.

The house of a Baker in Madrid

In addition, in Madrid many wonderful examples of various styles of the XIX and XX centuries. and a large number of parks and palaces. Among them are the Palace of velázquez and the Glass Palace, which is a huge greenhouse of glass and steel.

Glass Palace in Retiro Park, Madrid

In Barcelona the entire historic center built Gothic buildings. The largest in Catalonia Cathedral of St. Thecla built on the site of an ancient sanctuary of Jupiter is the main attraction of the city. The building unites in a single ensemble of three Palace – Casa-do-Canonges, Degas and the Casa de L Ardiaca. In this same area are many architectural monuments – the Palace real Mayor is a magnificent example of Palace architecture of the XVIII century by Sabatini Gardens and a Moorish field, which in our time it is partially open for tourists.

Cathedral of St. Thecla in Barcelona

The Royal Palace real Mayor in Madrid

The national Museum of Catalonia is located on the hill of Monjuic and is located in a beautiful Palace built in 1929 for the world Forum in Barcelona.

The national Museum of Catalonia in Barcelona

Pay attention to the Palace Centelles, KAHL (Jewish quarter) and the Church del PI with rosette window, which is the largest in the world.

Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona

In the small town of Catalonia, Figueres is the teatre-Museu Salvador Dali. The Museum was built 14 years old. All the necessary work left the majority of his wealth was Given and dedicated by the Spanish government grants and donations many of his friends. After the death of Dali, according to his will, the Museum has become a mausoleum. The great Spanish artist bequeathed to bury him here. The theatre-Museum in Figueres was the last masterpiece of Salvador Dali and the peculiar character of his work.

The Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain

The younger generation of Spanish architects pleases the postmodern structures is Ricardo Bofil (Barcelona), Santiago Calatrava (Sevilla, Valencia) and Rafael Moneo (Madrid).

Museum of contemporary art of Barcelona is located in the Square of Angels in El Raval in the Old Town. This building in art Nouveau style, it houses the Central library, containing books and publications on art.

Museum of contemporary art in Barcelona

The hotel “Marques de Riscal” is located in the North of Spain in Elciego. The complex consisted of a five-star hotel, restaurants, a unique Spa with vinotherapy, a Museum and a wine store. The customer is wine tycoon – marqués de Riscal, by a successful architect Frank Gehry.

The hotel “Marques de Riscal” in the North of Spain in Elciego

Architect Santiago Calatrava created a futuristic space of steel and concrete. The Opera house is part of a complex City of Arts and Sciences and is located in Valencia. The whole area of the building is 40000 square meters. In the theatre, three halls for different kinds of performances. The Opera house seats 4,000 seats. The construction of the theater left 120 million Euro.

Opera house in Valencia, Spain

Bilbao is an interesting place for tourists

Historical places and beautiful beaches make Spain one of the most visited countries in Europe. It is an amazing country, filled with romance, unique architecture and special atmosphere of hospitality. Here are closely intertwined centuries of history, wonderful nature and a unique cuisine.

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