The GOTHIC revival, the GOTHIC REVIVAL (Gothic Revival) architectural style, draw inspiration from medieval architecture and the opposing neo-classical revival in the United States and great Britain; on the continent…

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Winchester Cathedral in England
Winchester Cathedral in England is a real miracle, born during the dark ages. The Cathedral is a very large building, built in the Gothic style. Start of construction of the…

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Hyperborea - a mysterious country
I thought that now a lot said and written about Lemuria and Atlantis. They were, they sank in different parts of the world, at different times. But there is another…

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The most famous Catholic churche

Structures like churches in all ages were built with the aim to glorify the name of God. To our times preserved many sacred places, whose beauty, history and mythology is of interest to people.

St. Peter’s Basilica. The Vatican.

It is the world’s largest Catholic Cathedral. Its construction began in 324 ad. The altar of the Cathedral laid over the grave of one of the apostles of Christ – Peter, who was martyred. Apart from its scale, the sanctuary of striking architecture, works of art, the works of famous figures from different eras – Raphael, Bernini, Michelangelo, Bramante and others.

Cologne Cathedral.

The tallest Church in the Gothic style. Its facade and towers is decorated with numerous sculptures and Windows with stained glass. The beauty of the Cathedral makes an indelible impression. In addition to its grandeur, the Cathedral is also known as the storage location of one of the main religious shrines – sarcophagus with the relics of the Magi.

The Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris (Notre Dame Cathedral).

He is better known for the films, songs and novels. The Cathedral is the spiritual symbol of Paris. For many centuries it held a Royal wedding, coronation. Tourists from all over the world tend to see their inner magnificence and to experience the grandeur of this Holy place.

The Spanish Sagrada Familia.

The temple amazes with its appearance, and the duration of construction. Its construction began in 1882 and continues to the present. The tallest temple tower decorated with stucco, sculptures, carvings and ceramic tiles have become the emblem of Barcelona.

The Church Of Las Lajas.

Its appearance resembles a castle-fortress, as built on a bridge across the gorge above the river Guitar. The main relic of the temple – the miraculous icon of rock, which is considered miraculous. Every year the Shrine is visited by many pilgrims who want to be healed and to say a prayer of thanksgiving.

In addition to these majestic Catholic churches there are other less known, characterized by its twist. For example, the Cathedral in Rio de Janeiro stands out for its unusual shape, the Milan Cathedral, the Duomo – the richness of scenery, the new York St. Patrick’s Cathedral – the original stained glass Windows.

All these churches are United by one thing – communication between different epochs, between the past, present and future.

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