The oldest artifacts in the world
Mankind has always had a special thrill in relation to the creations of our imagination and intellect. In General, this is true, because such artifacts distinguish us from animals, and…

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Dolmens near Gelendzhik
The dolmens (from Breton. tol — table and men — stone) ancient megalithic (that is, composed of large stones or stone slabs) man-made structures of some form. The object of…

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The most famous Catholic churche
Structures like churches in all ages were built with the aim to glorify the name of God. To our times preserved many sacred places, whose beauty, history and mythology is…

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Most mystical places of the world

Easter island is one of the most remote areas of the world. Easter island is located at the top of the list of most mysterious places in the world. This area is full of giant statues called “moai”. The inhabitants of the island called Rapa Nui, and nobody knows where they came from and where they disappeared. There are many studies of the history of the giant structure, but a concrete answer to this question is no.

The pyramids at Giza

The largest and oldest of the three pyramids of Giza necropolis, the Great pyramid of Giza also known as pyramid of Cheops, is the tallest artificial structure in the world for over 3,800 years. Egyptian civilization, as they say, the most mysterious and most advanced civilization of that time, and it’s even more of interest to the mystery of the great pyramid.

The three largest pyramids: the Great pyramid of Cheops, the pyramid and pyramid menkaura Kafhre called special cemetery for the three kings of Egypt.


Located in the English countryside Whltshire Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument of the most famous in the world, what makes this place so special. It is believed that the stone monument was built around 2500 BC Although there is no concrete evidence. Stonehenge, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Stone circle

This kamennykh in Cumbria is an impressive historical monument in the UK. A stone circle was constructed around 3200 BC. it is Now a place where tourists and archaeologists. In this circle of 38 stones of different shapes and sizes. The time of its creation are shrouded in mystery. Nobody knows when and why it was built.

The Mayan civilization

Deep in the forests of Mexico and Guatemala was this civilization flourished when Europe was still in the dark. These people knew mathematics and possessed the map of the sky. One of them was a warrior named Maya who had fought against the Spaniards. The city was built by amazingly talented craftsmen. Stone structure that was found in the woods, talking about their genius. Maya is a great mystery in architecture, mathematics and astronomy.

Architecture. Architecture Gothic style
The samples of early Gothic style in Spain are rare. Refectory of Santa Maria La Huerta – clean and elegant as the best of similar buildings in France; the Cathedral…


Ancient Egypt
The beginning of the heyday of the slave system in Ancient Egypt historians refer to the III Millennium B. C. the ancient Egyptian pharaohs who were enslaved in those distant…