Industrial landscapes of antiquity
Many of the "old" buildings, careful consideration, be... parts of the "industrial buildings" and not temples, minarets or other frills. We present you some colorful and overwhelming evidence. In January…

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Mysterious facts about mount Kailash
The shape and location of the mountain The Kailas mountain is located in hard-to-reach, remote location in Western Tibet. It is surrounded by eight mountains, one of which is the…

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The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist associated with important events of Polish history. Here took place the disputation between the king and the knights crusaders, was crowned Stanislaw Leszczynski…

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The Gothic quarter of Barcelona

A landmark in the quarter

Beautiful area, located near the sea on the left side of the city, is called “Gothic quarter Barcelona”, due to their past. Once this place was placed the Roman village and therefore, so far there are still various reminders of their glorious past. Now in 2012, due to the constant modernization of the area, you can find the building, built in 90-ies in the neighborhood with old buildings of the Romans. It is this difference and the unique smooth blend of old and new that attracts tourists from all over the world.

The block is rugged, with narrow winding streets reminiscent of a maze, the passage of which can take a long time. If you decide to visit this part of Barcelona, allow at least 3-4 hours and constantly look around, this area is full of attractions that will be easy to miss if not careful.

Square and REC

In this area there are many quiet private areas where you can quietly sit on the bench or in the nearest bar, take a break and drink coffee with croissants. Besides if you go in the middle of the quarter, you will discover its main attraction in its heart – a Large Cathedral, one of the most beautiful courtyards, needencouragement, colors and to the surprise and geese.

If there is a quarter of bars, so this is the Gothic quarter in Barcelona. You will be spoilt for a huge choice of restaurants and bars, especially on one of the largest and most famous squares – Royal, filled with tourists and townspeople during the day and night. It all blends in with the night life of the Gothic district, in which there is always a place to dance or drink.

Commerce Gothic quarter

It is not surprising that with such a large flow of tourists and citizens in this quarter developed commercial activity. Starting from the most visited boutique street “Calle de portal de angel”, then you can walk down the street “Avinyo”, which are the small boutiques of the city. So you can pass the whole day around this area, as it is perfect for walking, shopping and entertainment.

Where to go next?

This neighborhood is ideally located to continue your journey around the city. You can choose from a variety of directions, for example if you go down the streets, then exit to the sea, where you can go to the complex “Mare Magnum”, to visit the beautiful restaurants with sea food and the largest three-dimensional cinema of Barcelona “3D IMAX”.

If you want to buy Souvenirs, flowers or look at living sculpture, you will need to walk on the right (when facing the sea) and then you will get to travel the famous Boulevard “Las Ramblas”. Here be a little careful, as in any large city where there are many onlookers tourists, is also not very good characters who can seize the moment of your distraction and inattention to your belongings.

If you want to see beautiful architectural creations of Gaudi, and visit the boutiques, then you need to go up on the streets of the Gothic quarter, then on your way you will meet the most popular area of Barcelona – “Plaza de Catalunya” through which you exit to the street “Passeig de Gracia”. On this street are these two boutiques and the famous monument of architecture of the “Casa batlló” and “Casa Milà”, also known as “Pedrera”.

Industrial landscapes of the ancient not ancient
Many of the "old" buildings, careful consideration, be... parts of the "industrial buildings" and not temples, minarets or other frills. We present you some colorful and overwhelming evidence. Industrial landscapes…


The GOTHIC revival, the GOTHIC REVIVAL (Gothic Revival) architectural style, draw inspiration from medieval architecture and the opposing neo-classical revival in the United States and great Britain; on the continent…