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>Unasledovala this work is dedicated to the most famous Gothic cathedrals that were erected in France during the period from the second half of the XII century to the XV…

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The construction of ancient people discovered in the Chelyabinsk region, is a mystery to scientists

The construction created by ancient people on the lake Zyuratkul in the Chelyabinsk region, has no analogues in the world. Therefore, scientists can not yet say what it is: a town, settlement or religious building. About this was discussed today, may 28, at a press conference in Chelyabinsk.

As told by local historian Alexander Shestakov, who saw this historic monument, flying over the lake Zyuratkul in the plane, the main part of the structure is under water. On this site in 1968 produced a research archaeologist Gerald Matyushin. Then he found the remains of a settlement on the Cape of a Long Fir-wood, and dated it to the 12th Millennium BC. The structure has two kilometers long and 300 meters wide. Before this structure was difficult to see because it is hidden by water, but in the 50 years since research Matyushin, the shape of the lake changed. As he wrote in his report, Gerald Matyushin, Parking Long Spruce – a very rare monument of the stone age, which refers to the Mesolithic.

As explained by archaeologist, candidate of historical Sciences Stanislav Grigoriev, he conducted research at the site near lake Zyuratkul, which is called stony point. There he found the plants,which had never seen before: vertically standing stone slabs, which were obviously created by man. At the bottom of the lake are exposed to similar patterns. The foundations of about one hundred meters in length, running parallel. It’s not housing, as the remains of the Foundation are not closed, forming a wall. To say it had these ancient structures, while not exactly analogues of scientists never found.

“I am convinced that these structures are uninhabited, because homes do not. This strange structure – the Foundation stone, stretching into the lake,” said the Chelyabinsk scientist.

Employee Ecopark “Zyuratkul” Stanislav Grigoriev showed his collection of ancient objects, discovered on the shore of lake Zyuratkul. It had axes, arrowheads, a variety of stone tools. But pottery is completely absent, which is usually found in settlements. All of these things – Neolithic, dated to the period from 6 to 3 thousand years BC, that is, they were created by people about 5-8 thousand years ago.

Under the assumptions of the Chelyabinsk scientist, this time on the territory of the southern Urals lived in small tribes of hunters. To create such a huge structure for them was not under force. Therefore, the greater the likelihood that a structure open on the Zyuratkul refers to the era of the megalith. Scientist are one hundred percent convinced that it is man-made, and is a new type of historical monument.

“He is in this strange megalithic tradition that reflects the geoglyph Zyuratkul, the megaliths of the Vera island – most likely,” – said the archaeologist.

Stanislav Grigoriev considers that it is incorrect to call again the open construction of the term “the city”, as does Alexander Shestakov. The town is a fortified settlement, which has priority among several others. It is the center of religious, economic, political, which in the hierarchy above other settlements.

“To talk about the city, it is necessary to identify its structure, to prove that there lived people, to establish the dates, to find the next big series of small settlements, to prove that they are the same time and are related to each other. In this case “city” is nothing more than a literary metaphor. This structure was not residential, but rather, a cult. But this discovery more interesting and unique monument than a city”, – said in the Chelyabinsk scientist.

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