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The Island Of St. Faith

There is a beautiful legend, rather, of historical hypothesis. Our lake Turgoyak — 15 million years, people have settled in the bowl of Golden valley since time immemorial. And the island of Faith — energy heart of the valley and lakes — served as the realm of the dead. Ancient people buried their leaders “over the water”, and then the line between the world of the dead and the living was visible and tangible.

The island is really full of miracles and paranormal phenomena: everyone who has visited it, experienced it myself. And you never know what to expect at the junction of two ancient continents — Europe and Asia at the seam, letting in the breath of the earth. These reserved places sponsor and organizer of scientific archaeological expedition to Oleg Sirotin has shown even in Soviet times, an amazing man, as he himself called it, “the chief warlock of the Union”.

I’m in the legendary cave of the Holy Faith, the mysteries which are still unsolved.

In the cave of the Holy Faith many different outputs.

But back in the fold of mainstream science. First, last year’s expedition of the Ural branch of Russian Academy of Sciences has shown that megalithic structures of the island (what we call the cave of the Holy Faith) for thousands of years, and all the while, many generations, including the old believers, they were simply being priispolzovanii. The building itself is from the point of view of modern man is very strange: who has seen this cave,probably wondered what power keeps it from collapsing semicircular arch. Plate buildings are laid with an overlap, thus the load is redistributed at an angle of 45 degrees. In addition, the ancient builders knew Geology: cave built between two cracks, formed in granodiorites (deep crystalline rocks) during tectonic movements. Mound, trimming the building with earth, made of sedimentary rocks, the builders took into account the direction of discharging it, thoroughly knew the nature of the terrain and materials. This combination of facts shows: need huge experience for construction of similar structures, and in our area it is certainly not one. Perhaps several of them and on the island itself. Just the idea of creators not have the ability to detect the structure of the uninitiated, and if not for conservatives, preobrazovanie structure to fit your needs, we never would have discovered the cave of the Holy Faith, as its called now.

Another conclusion, which was shared with us scientists: megalithic structure of the island — not the consumer, not the property. The island of Poros is a beautiful timber, it may be easier and more logical to use a slab of earthen buildings. Ten meters from the cave excavations on the site of the huts of the old believers of the end of XVIII century it is built exactly on this principle. The cave of Saint Faith — building certainly cult: in this case, no matter the time spent, and labor, an important unknown magic ritual.

According to the head of the expedition, Ural branch of RAS Stanislav Grigoriev, of the conclusions to do while early, but most of all megalithic structure of the island is similar to gallery tombs of Atlantic Europe (North-Western France, Denmark, England)! All converges to the smallest detail: the same architectural techniques, the location of galleries and chambers, the same mound that obscures the building from prying eyes. European monuments are dated to the 3-4 Millennium BC.

The deepening of one of the Chelyabinsk scientists uncovered chambers of the island of Faith is very similar to the funerary complex. Until graves could not be found — all cultural layers is withdrawn and mixed visitors, mainly of the twentieth century.

At the site of the island of RAS scientists have already found traces of cultures of many centuries and the Millennium: ceramic and masonry of the bronze age is adjacent to Jasper plates, of which the ancients made knives, arrowheads, knives: the technique of splitting the material says they are stone age. Here were found the fragments of ceramics of the early iron age, the so-called Gumauskas culture brought to our land newcomers the Siberian tribes.

I hold in the palm of the ancient shards of pottery. Two cross — shaped ornament, similar to the tracks of bird feet in the sand. The third is similar, at first glance, grey flat pebble on the same gray dry earth of the island. But costs a little to turn it in your hands — and here he is, the gentle curve of the jar, the edge of the rim, is decorated almost the erased pattern.

Three and a half millennia before our era, is raising its head archaeologist, researcher at Archaeological research center of Chelyabinsk, Yulia Vasina. — Only put on the places where raised. — My eyes under her round brush from the ground emerges the flank of another vessel — it is preserved almost entirely.

So weird to see these fragments of antiquity on the earth, without a glazed, neon-lit Windows of the Museum. The megaliths of Western Europe — the most striking historical monuments of these countries, a national treasure, a place of pilgrimage for tourists from around the world. There these findings, researchers are exploring at least a century. Excavations on the island of Faith began a year ago. As always, we have plenty. As the poet said: “. And my country is a teenager! Create, invent, try!”

Lately a lot is being said about the organization of the national Park “Turgoyak”, the decoration of which will be the Museum-reserve of culture from the stone age to the present day. Now scientists say 30-40 historic monuments on the island of Faith. For archaeological research enthusiasts managed to connect regional administration, local business. Who knows, maybe soon the archaeological Museum of Turgoyak will not be equal in the world!

Today we speak about the special place of the Urals in the revival of Earth civilization. The first sign believe Arkaim. but in the settlement of nomadic people lived one or two centuries, several generations. And in Golden valley Miass on earth lived sedentary for more than five millennia.

Every summer, during the tourist season, the vandals are destroying a wooden cross on the hill of the island Faith. And every fall someone cuts it and puts it again. Head of business “Golden beach” Oleg Sirotin said that the first time in many years the cross unharmed for the second season, and it’s a good sign. We have a choice: or we realize that we are the heirs of ancient civilizations and live in the abundant land, or continue to live in the hole and the middle of nowhere. Because there is such a word — Motherland.

We with my family were on the island of St. Faith in the summer of 2002. First, we sailed on the ship in Turgoyak with the band, frankly in my opinion, too crazy and loud screaming students, and then visited the island, of course, with the same group. Because of this atmosphere failed to feel in that intimate place.

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