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Gothic Cathedral in Cologne and other worth visiting temples and churches.

Of course, vacation is a legitimate fun time in order to relax, gain new energy and fresh ideas. However, in all this weighty list of “What to do”, worth the same to take place for visiting various religious buildings. After all, as not cool, and spiritual development of the individual also plays a significant role in our lives.

If your vacation You decide to spend in this beautiful European country like Germany, for spiritual enrichment You will certainly perfect trip to Cologne as it is quite rightly called “the German city of churches”. And it should be noted that many of these same churches (temples, cathedrals) are dated not only by the middle ages, and ancient times. And don’t be put off by the rigor of churches of Cologne. They will surprise You with their cheerful nature, amazing architecture, unusual artifacts, old paintings and an expressive interior.

Among the most famous and visited churches in Munich are:

Cathedral in Cologne;

– the Church of St. Martin;

Church of St. Andreas;

Church of St. Ursula;

– St. Mary’s Church and many others.

The Cathedral in Cologne

The Gothic Cathedral in Cologne– the largest of such facilities in all of Germany. The temple is not only one of the most important symbols of the city. It also takes far not the last role in the list of sites protected by UNESCO. Another reason that You will definitely want to see this Church is its age. Just imagine, the construction of the Cathedral lasted for over 600 years. So this fact will probably entice every tourist. And, it should be noted that none of the travelers will not regret it, because the sight that opens before Your eyes is amazing. To describe emotions is quite difficult…. This wild enthusiasm and a kind of stupor. Well, come on! !

Built a Gothic Cathedral in Cologne, the meeting place of Christians during the reign of the Roman Empire. It was a miracle or just a happy coincidence, the Church managed to survive during the Second world war. Maybe this is heaven itself has retained the Duomo?

The height of this architectural marvel reaches 144 meters, the towers even got to the level of 157 meters. I like that! And if you still remember what was this Shrine built in the XIII – XIX centuries, the eyes begin to markedly rounded. No less worthy of attention and the Cathedral Treasury, which in importance far exceeded its Vatican counterpart. One of the most valuable artifacts stored here is the Gero cross. It is a unique wooden crucifix, which was made by special order of Archbishop Gero in 975. At the time it caused a lot of conversations as a “picture” of it quite truthfully and realistically portrayed death.

However, this crucifix is considered the main value of the Cologne Cathedral. This place rightly took the chest three kings, in which “rests” the ashes of the three Magi: Balthasar, Melchior and Caspar. What can we say, this tomb is the largest in Europe! And when You finish the walk, have the courage and dare to climb the left tower of the Church. Though it is scary as hell, but the view to the Cologne is just awesome and the level of adrenaline rolls over.

The Church Of St. Martin

As mentioned earlier, in Cologne a lot of churches and not all of them belong to the Gothic style. Yes, and would You like to visit temples, “one era”. We have to have time to consider all directions, which you can look at one or two shrines, built in different styles. For the study of the Romanesque churches in Cologne which have survived 12, can choose the Church of St. Martin.

“Big Martin”, namely the so-called Church, the locals, built in X – XI centuries on the site of former Roman baths and warehouses. Initially, there was built a small monastery and only some time later, there was a beautiful Church, which was known as glory of the most unusual Cologne Cathedral.

Of course, if You’re a fan of luxurious styles, interior decoration of the Church, might be a little disappointed. The thing is that, despite the richness of the Renaissance, “inside” the Church a few modest when compared with the external appearance of the temple, which looks particularly rich on the background of the river. Particularly well You will be able to consider sitting at a table near the water in a nearby cafe. Well, if You don’t particularly care for “chic and Shine” and generally the preference You give to the study of the history of architecture, then not to walk inside the Church of St. Martin You just can’t. Stained glass Windows with images of saints, a chip of the old columns, according to which giving can recognize good and evil is not all that will surprise You this beautiful temple.

The Church Of St. Andreas

Probably the first thing that will lead You in amazement – this is the age of this relic. After all, it was built in the year 960. The highlight of the works of Archbishop Bruno, to whom is this temple is a wonderful combination of Romanesque and Gothic styles. Here pretty looks perfectly elegant Gothic hall designed for Church choir and unique ornament of the Romanesque style. The combination of these styles You will find while walking through an underground tomb, in which the atmosphere of mystery and surprising calm.

The Church Of St. Ursula

Studying the history of the Cologne churches, You’ll notice that many of them are located in a rather “interesting” places. Not an exception and the Church of St. Ursula, because the Foundation it stands on a former Roman cemetery. It was, however, during the late antiquity. The name of this Shrine was in honor of the Holy virgin Ursula, who dedicated the Church after the woman died in terrible pain. Initially the temple was built in the Gothic style. After you have added some Baroque elements, which, however, did not spoil the appearance. What You will certainly be able to verify independently.

St. Mary’s Church

This temple of the XI century combines several historical eras. Slowly, strolling through the temple, You run into a wooden door – the same age the Church itself, an unusual Y-shaped crucifix, Dating from the early fourteenth century, as well as enjoy later masterpieces, among which a special place is given to the choir curtain of Renaissance and Gothic glass paintings, executed in the best traditions of his time.

If You have a decent amount of time and You are not alien to the study of religious shrines, of course, Cologne can offer You many such facilities. Well, if you plan on visiting only the main churches and temples, do not forget to peruse the world wide web, to determine where to go and what to see.

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