The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist associated with important events of Polish history. Here took place the disputation between the king and the knights crusaders, was crowned Stanislaw Leszczynski…

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The medieval Church as a modelling space
The medieval period is a sufficiently long time period — from V to XIV century, i.e., about a Millennium. The term "middle ages" arose in the Renaissance. Thinkers of the…

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Architecture Of Spain
To the year 1250 in Europe gradually began to take shape Gothic style in architecture. It is believed that the first steps in this direction were made by the Abbot…

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The most famous Catholic churche

Structures like churches in all ages were built with the aim to glorify the name of God. To our times preserved many sacred places, whose beauty, history and mythology is of interest to people.

St. Peter’s Basilica. The Vatican.

It is the world’s largest Catholic Cathedral. Its construction began in 324 ad. The altar of the Cathedral laid over the grave of one of the apostles of Christ – Peter, who was martyred. Apart from its scale, the sanctuary of striking architecture, works of art, the works of famous figures from different eras – Raphael, Bernini, Michelangelo, Bramante and others. Continue reading

Nagoya castle

Ancient Nagoya castle was built in 1612 as the main residence of the famous family of rulers of the Tokugawa shoguns. Until 1871 he was the main political and administrative centre of the Principality of Owari, was here to put the fate of the best people of the country and history was made. While in 1945 the United States aircraft during world war II virtually erased National treasure of Japan in the dust. Fortunately, the castle was rebuilt, and reconstruction has started thanks to the donations of ordinary people of Nagoya in 1959. Today this citadel is the symbol of the city, one in a hundred of the best castles in the country, in a word, the sight marked “must-visit”.
The history of Nagoya castle refers to the ancient fortress of “willow court” that was built on this spot in the first half of the 16th century ruler of Imagawa Uzytki. In 1532, the fortifications were captured by the ruler of the Owari ODA Nobuhide, he renamed it the castle of Nagoya. However “full” the citadel began only in the Edo period, when to power came the glorious family of the Tokugawa, namely, in 1610 Then funds are not stingy and pompous residence was erected on the roof shone Golden amulets setyoko that were visible for tens of kilometers from Nagoya. Continue reading

The Island Of St. Faith

There is a beautiful legend, rather, of historical hypothesis. Our lake Turgoyak — 15 million years, people have settled in the bowl of Golden valley since time immemorial. And the island of Faith — energy heart of the valley and lakes — served as the realm of the dead. Ancient people buried their leaders “over the water”, and then the line between the world of the dead and the living was visible and tangible.

The island is really full of miracles and paranormal phenomena: everyone who has visited it, experienced it myself. And you never know what to expect at the junction of two ancient continents — Europe and Asia at the seam, letting in the breath of the earth. These reserved places sponsor and organizer of scientific archaeological expedition to Oleg Sirotin has shown even in Soviet times, an amazing man, as he himself called it, “the chief warlock of the Union”.

I’m in the legendary cave of the Holy Faith, the mysteries which are still unsolved. Continue reading

Gothic art
The Gothic period is associated with the increase in trade-handicraft cities and strengthening in some countries the feudal monarchies. In the 13th-14th centuries the medieval art of Western and Central…


Lotus Temple
Lotus temple – the most sacred in the world of original construction: it is built in the form of a white blossoming flower and is not a straight line. This…