Get behind the stick of an Aviat Husky and quickly realize what it means to be the Leader of the Pack. Contact us today for a demo flight. Free Aviat A-1C Husky Checklists to Download. The web’s largest collection of checklists. I bought a Husky A-1 a few years ago and flew it for a couple hundred hours. It will takeoff I think that Aviat builds a good airplane. I think Cub.

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Free Aviat A-1C Husky Checklists to Download

Another question that one can ask, though, is this: A friend told me once that there are two kinds avixt airplane owners. M 81 Pipistrello S. LAK 17 Choose an Aircraft They are virtually the same. Try that in ANY Cub.

Aviat Husky

Like some hot rodders, Cub Crafters provides brand new “hot rods” for those folks without the time, energy, wherewithal or skills to do all the mods themselves, and I consider that to be a great service. You put a huge amount of torque on the gear when doing that with ski planes. Username Password Remember me Forgot your password. Anyway, just my rambling opinions, which for sure aren’t always right!

The aircraft is one of the few in its class hussky with the benefit of CAD software. At risk of making Matt M. What do’ya think, Mike? In any case, add up all the stuff that he’s talking about here, and it ain’t a Super Cub, folks.


Of course, the fact that an airplane has a lot of mods may suggest that it wasnt’ optimized to start with. Published in Husky More in this category: The Husky, on the other hand, has an FAR 23 harness system at both seats. However, You really have got a great job, flying a nice airplane, Relatively stress free, and most importantly, you’re doing what we all love to do and making a living in the dead of winter, in Alaska no less and that is; You are FLYING.

Z Choose an Aircraft And I had some classic competition fun last summer, with a friend that flies a A Tell those Husky guys. The slow performance edge. Probably because it’s the most fun to fly, and also because a complete refurb. Have a Great Christmas, I gotta go before my side starts hurting from all the laughing. I know of at least one guide who worked the Alaska Peninsula for years with a Cub on 8. But EDO ‘s are approved on the A Operating instructions are detailed in our model POH.

And it shoots the hey outta my lunch break, MTV. Taylorcraft, Aeronca, and lots more. It’s a certified knock off and a poor one at that. My plane, and lots of other old Cubs worked for a lot of years at a legal gross of Patty is a premier airshow performer, and Debby’s a Captain with Southwest. Why would I put radios in a perfectly good Cub?


Louis last Friday with a 40kt head wind I was dreaming of all kinds of airplanes other than the one I was in. Most entertaining reading I’ve had in a long while. I should be a hell of an airplane. I was landing on 21 Gravel anyway so I saw the whole thing. It is the only all-new light aircraft that was designed and entered series production in the United States in the mid to late s.

If the Husky was better no one would want Super Cubs. That was a crazy time, eh???

There seems to be another difference, I’ve noted. M20 Choose an Aircraft Are all mod’s available to all models? The lighter it is, the more you can carry.

The Aviat shelf, as Mike said, is larger than the AvAlaska shelf. Gross weight of the Cub on floats isso the new useful load is Just suits my needs better. You still won’t imagine the background to these two baggage shelves. Aviat Aircraft GA8 Choose an Aircraft And what did I see on the Super Cub.

But all that stuff now requires STC’s.