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All of this being said I still put the book on CD on hold at the library for my brother because Zs think it would be beneficial for him with his 9 and 11 year-old and possibly the 7 year old too. Chapman speaks to thousands of couples nationwide through his weekend marriage conferences.

After reading Gar Immediately, I realized that I wasn’t meeting each of my children’s individual love need. Immediately, I realized that I wasn’t meeting each of my children’s individual love need.

As Cinco Linguagens do Amor by Derson Lopes – PDF Drive

Someone can be screaming as loud as possible in Chinese, but if you don’t speak Chinese, you’re not going to understand them. You could almost use this as a pre-counseling book, if needed. I am not to discipline in my child’s love language, but I can’t know what my child’s language is until he’s older? I highly recommend this book to any parent – new or old.

It takes time and effort, but that would be a better use of your time than reading this book. It was so informative and eye-opening to me to read about the 5 love linguagebs with my children in mind. I know that I like all five, but if I could only have one, it would be 4 affirmations.

Most of life’s problems will be averted and your child will be more able to use anger to his advantage, rather than have it work against him” p. Other books in the series. She aor to be with you yet she wants to do something with you.


For children, I believe the language that each child responds to, is constantly changing and almost always not one of these languages but a combination of them.

My kids are unique with different personalities and I have learned that what works with one chapan will not work with the others. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

It seems that the book is geared primarily toward school-aged children. I’ve read the original linguagenx Love Languages and so this one was sort of a waste of my time.

But I find the pigeonholing a bit silly.

As Cinco Linguagens Do Amor Das Crianças

I know we all have similarities, but if you really want to love someone, get to know them. I enjoyed linugagens, not just because it gives me ideas about how to better communicate with my children, but also because it sheds insight about how to better communicate with my spouse, co-workers, and friends.

I found the book slightly interesting, mildly helpful, and downright obvious in spots. It was good food for t This was fine. Then try word I’ve read the original 5 Love Languages and so this one was sort of a waste of my time.

I could say more but I think you get the general idea. Gary Chapman is just the man to turn to for help on improving or healing our most important relationships.

I recommend this book to parents. I feel like I would have gotten more out of reading the book about couples and then applying some of what I read to the rest of my family.

Good Read Post 2. In the book, Chapman and Campbell say that if the child is chapmn the age of 5 that I should just not try to figure out the love language.

The last several parenting books that I have read have been very readable so I found this hard to reconcile. It was good food linguafens thought but nothing that will revolutionize my parenting or anything. It may be a spin-off but it delievers the goods. I have to admit, I didn’t even finish this book I did read almost all of it though.


As Cinco Linguagens Do Amor Das Crianças by Gary Chapman

For example, if a parent expresses love by acts of service, but the child experiences love through physical touch, then they may feel cha;man even while the parent bends over backward for them. I’m super familiar with the love languages, so I don’t really know what I thought would be different about this book. Since the success of his first book, Dr.

You give them a gift discipline them and then give them another gift? All of these affect his schooling to a much greater degree. The problem I have with this is what if their love language is “gifts” or “acts of service”? They also say that parents should not discipline or punish the child with methods related to the child’s love language. Kids My oldest child is much like me, but my second felt so different!

Like always, I will take some advice and leave some advice, but what I will “leave” will be little! It was literally the exact same thing, just with examples pertaining to kids and then some thoughts later about how these apply to learning and discipline and so on. Also, the section that declared that not all women work, so they should talk to their husbands about receiving a monthly budget to buy them gifts was particularly weird.